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  • Hello Support!

    This post is in regards to the change made in the most recent update affecting how an alliance receives the gift chests upon defeating a raid boss.
    I've shared my thoughts of this with TheMods in game, and was encouraged to give feedback over the forums, so here's my opinion... When a whole alliance is allotted a percentage of the winnings from any member defeating a raid boss it can lead to substancial silver rewards if the alliance is active enough. This has always been a huge help to us as players since silver funds are not available to purchase from the game store like how gold is. Since the update regarding all the changes to monster card skills, a lot of us players are now having to fuse cards to level a skill back to 10 that was originally a native that had been moved into the third slot without keeping the level each skill was originally at. All of this costs silver and at a barely accurate success rate in fusion sometimes to get one level higher can cost around 13k silver in one try if failed....

    Anyways I'm sure I'm not telling you anything you don't already know with that info above however if any game is going to launch an update that could potentially leave to players needing to spend a specific resource to get back what they had taken away there should be an increase in how the people gain that resource. Instead you have now limited how we gain silver by making the raid boss reward like this. The skill changes I can deal with and don't mind most of them since I'm always wondering how certain things would work in battle etc. but I truly believe both SEGA and the players of KCDE would benefit from having the raid boss rewards go back to its original setting especially while having to deal with the new skill rule. Hopefully something can happen to fix this silver issue... thanks

  • Couldn't agree more Lucky

  • I was in a rush while writing this lol so I forgot to mention that I can take out a level 7 boss on my own with only one unit in a single hit, so that defeats the option to share rewards. This might be an ok change if the bosses spawned like the ruins do, however 2 bosses every 4 hours in not a reasonable amount to have this rule change be implemented with. Also the ratio between the lower and higher level bosses does not match up with the individual players city research that's been completed to gain high lv spawns. I get about 80% lv 1-5 and 20% lv 6-8...

  • seconded on your post Lucky.

  • Not only the raid bosses but now you don't get silver from members for capturing ruins so now silver gets really rare. The only way now is by capping your own ruins .

  • Yeah this is a good reason for a new player like me to stop playing the game. I will see what happens the next few days but if nothing changes my mind is made up.

  • @Tieske-Pain Don't stop playing the game because of this, and it's going to take more than a few days for support to do something.... set up your alliance like we have with its own chat room dedicated to raid boss bookmarks, and hit it only once yourself with low level unit so you're helping the team gain rewards for now

  • @Arial I dont think you get silver from other members ruin collection???

  • @DYJA if you're interested share your thoughts on this

  • @Tieske-Pain We already lost lots of great old timers

  • CLAM

    As the system is now, it is not fun. Agree with you lucky

  • administrators

    Hi all,

    Thank you for your feedback on this. I’ve passed all of your comments and concerns along to the team.

  • I couldnt agree with you more on this point Lucky. I'd like to also add that being in alliance means sharing pain & losses as well as gains and spoils of war which was one of the biggest benefits of joining an alliance.

    Now i do understand that the reasoning behind such a hard stop on reward sharing may be due to the fact that some players have abused alternate accounts to farm silver and grow at lightning speed however that is such a small batch of players compared to the full population and everybody knows who they are. You dont need to be a rocket scientist to know who they and in fact if you look at certain players auction win count you might get an idea...

    i just cant understand why the rest of us who have played this game over months and have tried to level up the hard way are getting sanctioned for the abuse of a few other players. How is that fair?

    Also not that i agree with the latest updated version of the game, there was an attempt to balance the game however the way i see it, it has caused more grief to the players who have been here long enough and have formations set based on skills that are removed now. As a result its back to the chalkboard for everyone but we have all taken it with sportsmanship as everyone is affected the same way and you know what? C'est la vie we deal with it.

    Again i urge Sega to reconsider the way to make up for lost silver as the cost of leveling up skills and fusions is still exorbitant as compared to the meager amount of silver that each player is able to make now. I suggest that the old system is brought back or the cost of fusion and skill leveling adjusted drastically to reflect the loss of income we are currently suffering.

    Thank you for reading, its been long and i havent had my coffee yet :)

  • Balls Of Odin

    Aside from the said depravity in Silver, we all know that Alliance chests sometimes contain valuable speed-ups. So by limiting the way we can collect silver from alliance chests we are aso depraved of the valuable speed ups. All the other changes in-game concepts in the latest update are good as they are for me with just the few exceptions of visual glitches. I thank the support community in advance if they do something regarding this matter

  • You say Thank you for your feedbacks, are you really or is it just empty words? So far I haven't see Sega works for us, in fact it looks like the more Beta time is close to be over the more you want to get rid of "old timers " with unwanted and disastrous changes

  • Global Moderator

    Hey @DYJA I can assure you that the entire team is thankful for the feedback we receive from players. We definitely don't want players to feel like we don't care.

    By hearing what you guys have to say about changes, the team has an idea on how they can improve things for the future. We always encourage players to let us know how they feel!

  • In the future FIX THE GAME instead of messing with players. This is not addressed to you but to Sega, You I trust and respect, they lost both as far as I am concerned
    Remember the old saying: your actions speak louder than your words

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