Big Changes to Monster Skills - Out Now!

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    Greetings Conquerors!

    The monster skill changes are now live with the latest update. A full breakdown of the changes can be found here.

    As a thank you for your continued support, and so that you can try out some of these new skills, all players will receive the following gift:

    • 6,000 Crystal
    • 4,500 Sapphire
    • 3,000 Onyx
    • 3,000 Diamond
    • 30 Uncommon Token
    • 10 Rare Token

    We hope you enjoy experimenting with the new monster skill layouts, and look forward to hearing your feedback!

  • Hi faya there is a bug allies dont receive chest anymore when killing a raid boss unless this is part of the new patch

  • @Faya how come I can't log in or download new version as it requests since update ?
    Is this NZ players only experiencing this issue?

  • Global Moderator

    Hello all,

    @subszero This is an intended change and is in the patch notes.

    @Lagertha I'm sorry you're experiencing issues getting the update, I will notify the team that you're having trouble. May I ask which operating system you're using? (iOS, or Android) As this would be very helpful for pinpointing any issues. Also please submit a ticket to support with as much information about the issue as possible.

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