Game Update 0.9.5 - Patch Notes and Known Issues

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    Greetings Conquerors!

    Here are the patch notes for update 0.9.5:

    Patch Notes

    • Big Changes to Monster Skills (see more details here)
    • Added Gold Purchase confirmation dialogue
    • Alliance Teleport now has a 1 day cooldown before being able to be used again
    • The Auction House now requires Castle Lv. 12 to unlock it
    • Logging out of a registered account now will only allow you to log back in to a registered account and not a guest account
    • Fixed a number of issues with switching monsters between commanders and units between Arks/City resulting in defaulting the monster troops to 100
    • Gem Card Draws can now be done on any number of cards between 1-10
    • Blurred the background when opening dialogues in the City & Map to improve battery life
    • Cards that are currently researching skills are no longer included in the auction sell list
    • Reinforcing Units will battle first on a tile
    • Siege damage is now shown on the Monster Stats breakdown
    • Correction in the Trample skill description to state that it attacks targets in the front row
    • Shorter timed events have been added for new players
    • Card draws will now always show the new cards drawn rather than in some instances showing existing units that have recently battled
    • Ark units occupying a Resource Shrine will now return correctly if the Ark is destroyed and returned to base
    • Fire Breath skill incorrectly had stun assigned, it has now been removed
    • Multi-wave battle reports have been improved and bugs fixed
    • Improved the Alliance members leaderboard display and the war points calculation changed
    • Hold 100 Lv. 18 map tiles quest has been adjusted so that it can be completed
    • Optimised Monster Card details and Map Tile details screens for low end devices
    • Alliance Merge button is now not available if join requirements are not met
    • Players can now attack Monster Nests in their City when Fortified
    • Daily Rewards now correctly activate after the tutorial
    • Player can no longer build a Monument after leaving an Alliance
    • Input keyboard now limits the number of characters that can be typed correctly to what can be displayed in chat
    • Raid bosses can no longer be revealed on the same map tile by multiple players in an Alliance
    • Monument Donation button is now longer active when monument is at maximum level
    • Addressed a number of server errors around joining and leaving alliances and the alliance help
    • City HP total now updates when adding or removing equipment that affects HPs
    • Lots of other bug fixes and polish
    • [New] Raid Bosses will now only give rewards to Alliance members that help defeat the Raid Boss

    [Edit: 14:46 UTC 25/07/2017 - Faya] Added another patch note.

  • Just a question about the card draws showing up as a unit recently deployed. Since when this glitch has happened, you lose out on the X amount of gems you've spent to open a group of monster cards. The monsters you were meant to get do not show up in your personal inventory and you lose the gems spent. Since this has happened to be numerous times and on high level gems like a 10 pack uncommon token draw for instance is there going to be any sort of compensation for this issue?? Thanks, update sounds like it's going to be a lot better

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    Hi @Lucky,

    I'm sorry to hear you've experienced that bug. The issue you’ve described is a visual bug. While you might not see which cards you’ve drawn, you should still get the monsters automatically put into your monsters list.

  • It hasn't been happening like you just described, for myself anyways. I usually keep an eye on the total number of monsters available shown in the bottom left corner in the Units window, and I'm the type of person who has their SIN, CareCard, and drivers license numbers all memorized as well as every postal code I've ever used for my many different residences over the years lol!! So without sounding cocky or trying to brag it's safe to admit I'm really good with numbers haha and I've gone in and checked right away after this visual glitch has happened, especially if drawing a 10 pack of high value cards. And it won't have changed at all

  • Not sure if you're aware or not but nobody is receiving an alliance chest for a percentage of a team mates win over a raid boss. This is a crucial item we all need right now especially since having to fuse and level up skills we had previously already maxed out. Would really like to be back to gaining silver

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