Big Changes to Monster Skills - Coming soon!

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    Greetings Conquerors!

    As you may know, Kingdom Conquest: Dark Empire is still a young game and we regularly make changes to try to bring you the best game we can. With that in mind, we will soon be updating a number of the monsters’ skills.

    We believe these changes will improve the monsters’ skill sets and make them more interesting and balanced. If any affected skills were acquired onto another monster, these will also be changed. Want to know what we’ve changed and how it may affect your monsters? Check out the lists below.

    As a thank you for your continued support, and so that you can try out some of these new skills, we’ll be gifting everyone with a quantity of gems. We hope you will get a chance to open a few of the updated cards and check out their new skill layouts.

    The following monsters are having their Skills replaced or moved in order:
    0_1500889008911_skillchangesfull EN.JPG

    The following Skills are being updated:
    0_1500889034050_description updates full EN.JPG

  • Balls Of Odin

    @Solana How will the changes on Skill Type affect the acquired and transferred skills in the new version? E.g. Unguliant's native ability to native startup, and Lizardmen Trooper from empty startup to empty ability.

  • @Solana , is this going to affect troops that already have been fusioned. Will my troops's skills that i've been workin on for months will change if they have been fusioned with a card that you have plan to modify skills?

  • Does this also mean that the monster cards "Wolpertinger C/UC" and "Grim Reaper" will be back and available in the monster store as part of the new updated packs?

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    Skills that are no longer acquirable (because they no longer exist as Native skills) will be replaced with a new skill as follows:


    If a Monster currently has both the unacquirable skill and Replacement A, Replacement B will be used instead.

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    Hi @MapLag033017, in any case where a non-native skill has been changed to a skill of a type that doesn't match its skill slot, that skill will be replaced by the default for that slot.

  • @Solana what about outmaneuver and def trick

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    Hi @BigBrazz, this will affect Units that have already been fusioned. The Skill will be replaced but it will remain the same level.

  • Also @solana for sluagh can we make sure we keep our dark reel level because most of us maxed this skill for activation but not the aura

  • Balls Of Odin

    This post is deleted!

  • administrators

    Hi @subszero, Outmaneuver and Defense Trick are still native-skills on a Monster, so if you have previously fused them you will keep the skill and its level.
    For Sluagh, because the native slot has been changed from Dark Reel to Wisdom Cross, the levels you have gained in that slot will be given to Wisdom Cross, and the levels in the 3rd slot will go to Dark Reel.

  • Balls Of Odin

    Is there a thread in here that shows a complete list of monsters? And also those that are included in promotional packs?

  • @Solana can you please answer mine above this specific comment above about wolpertinger

  • Balls Of Odin

    @Lucky said in Big Changes to Monster Skills - Coming soon!:

    @Solana can you please answer mine above this specific comment above about wolpertinger

    @Lucky said in Big Changes to Monster Skills - Coming soon!:

    Does this also mean that the monster cards "Wolpertinger C/UC" and "Grim Reaper" will be back and available in the monster store as part of the new updated packs?

    I hope not, unless they find a way so that new accounts will not be used to farm for cards. Either "account-lock" the cards pulled from the free gold and tokens, remove free gold and tokens for new accounts, or (worst) remove the AH.

  • Also @Solana can i know why remove silence and evasive from the game plus the 2 only skill removing or ignoring guard when guard is already way too over power it doesnt make sense to me. hope you can enlighten me . Or you guys are just doing promotions for the goblin lords association i really dont know why remove diversity in a game when its already implemented

  • @subszero said in Big Changes to Monster Skills - Coming soon!:


    Because so far all they do is 5r3w players

  • @ Solana I bet this soon will be sooner than arena ;) Instead of messing with players by <removed> with troops they work on for months why don't you FIX the game?

    [Edit: 13:56 UTC 25/07/2017 - Faya - removed swearing]

  • I would have used more politicaly correct words but i fully agree with you @DYJA not only they remove the only alternative to guard they also removed the 2 skill actually countering it . They boosted guard therefore boosting people who abused the system creating many alts im not pointing anyone just stating the obvious i just dont know why removing stuff that isnt overpower from the game going to help many of us tooks month to lv certain skills and will probably get nothing good to compensate severly dissapointed with the next patch . Its a weird move that will discourage many players from playing dev team got to start listening to their community

  • @Solana I'm sorry this is one specification about this change in skills is THE ONLY real <removed> off to me about this update so far. So what I don't understand is why an active skill as a native skill for example Dark Reel, that absolutely without a doubt has the best percentage of activating and doing more damaged if it is leveled to max is being replaced with a passive skill that will always stay at 100% activation in battle just the % you receive from said passive skill is slightly increased as you level the skill higher. Now most players in this game, myself included has spent the silver or gold and suffered through min 4 failed fusions back to back on a rare card to boot to get the active ability to lv 10 then now to have the lv 10 transfer to a passive skill which I only level up if I'm bored and I will never waste a fusion on it since it 100% chance of going off from levels 1-10.... now I have to waste more money, more real cash if needed, time and effort to try to get my active skill back to full max is just a waste of time and doesn't seem like the inner workings of this idea had fully been thought over before implementing to your players...

    [Edit: 13:56 UTC 25/07/2017 - Faya - removed swearing]

  • Balls Of Odin

    Disappointed with the skills update. I've lost precious cards to fusion, time levelling the skills, and silvers and speedups. 😤 I now have three gytrash with crap defense aura. I've lost three expensive and rare wolpertingers for the transfer of three evasive. Can I have my wolpertingers back? Two lizardman trooper with blank 2nd skill (previously level 5 defense tricks). Why replace ignore guard with attack leader, when glorious charge already adds attack to allies. My unguliants now have two assault shifts. Frigid voice icon is also missing.

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