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  • I am completely amazed at the sheer and utter disrespect I have been personally shown from the support team at SEGA. I have been playing KCDE everyday since November and have absolutely loved and respected the game play as well as its online community since day 1, up until 2 months ago... I know for myself I have sent in 77 emails to customer support regarding ONE issue that is being abused and exploited constantly from 1 alliance within the server and have yet to get a solid reply that hasn't been pre-written and sent as an auto reply to hopefully calm whoever is sending the initial ticket in. Those 77 emails were in the last month alone at best. I'm not looking for the support team to give me any kind of inside information regarding other player account but yet and faced with the auto reply of "unfortunately we're not able to discuss issues regarding other players accounts with you as it violates our privacy policy..." MIND BLOWN!! What about my own player policy and procedures regarding personal accounts? What about your rules and your terms of service that are supposed to protect my own personal game play? How about section 8.1 and 8.3 in the online SEGA terms of service found here at this website??

    You need to do something and live up to your end of the agreement we have all been bound to in contract the second we registered for an account.

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    Hi there @Lucky,

    As always, thank you for your feedback.

    I’m sorry that you are feeling disrespected by the support team. The responses that the support team gives in regards to reporting another player is as much as they can tell you. As I’ve said before, every report you send in is taken seriously and is investigated thoroughly. However we cannot tell you anything other than that. Anything that happens between the team and an individual’s account is between them and them alone.

    If you feel that the assigned agent has not handled your ticket properly, then you can request an escalation to a senior member of the support team.

  • @Faya Thank you Faya, I was not aware that I could request this.

  • Ok so I know I'm supposed to be patient here and have trust that these tickets, reports, glitches and bugs are being taken seriously and soon a solution will hopefully become available to help every player have an overall enjoyable gaming experience.

    For me that is no longer something I desire from SEGA or KCDE. There had been a comment from a member of a certain allianc earlier today that was a direct threat against my life and my teams. "Kill all this idiot" was posted in the world chat server on kingdom Conquest: Dark Empire. Because this type of message and or behavior is something that should always be taken serious and handled immediately in any circumstance in life, I reported this threat immediately to the support staff at SEGA providing a screen shot as well. The support staff within SEGA chose to reply with the same generic auto reply I have received 11 times in a row lately and yes it was word for word. I did not expect an immediate fix or to have this issue handled instantly, however I wish the staff had taken some time and put real thought into this incident and responded with a genuine reply. Even if all it had said was something along the lines of "we are truly sorry you had this experience...." etc but the lack of attention and responsibility for the registered account holders in this game has gone beyond the point of allowing myself to "put up with it"

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    Hi @Lucky,

    I’m sorry for the delayed response. I’m currently out of the office, so my replies are going to be a little sporadic over the week. @theMods will be keeping me informed though, so you can always let them know as well.

    I’m sorry that you were upset by the impersonal response you received from support. I did escalate this to the team this morning to be reviewed and we are having another look at how we can improve our processes and responses. I can confirm that your report has been received and the team is processing it.

  • @Lucky I sent a report to denounce inappropriate comments and got an answer for a bug!!! They just didn't read

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