Alliance Teleport – Removed From The Store

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    Greetings Conquerors,

    The Alliance Teleport has been removed from the in game store. This is intended as a temporary measure while we work to make changes to ensure it does not affect the balance of the game.

    New players will still receive one Alliance Teleport when they first join an Alliance and the City Teleport will still be available for players to purchase from the store once your Castle has reached level 8.

    Thank you for your patience while we continue to make the game better and fairer.

  • Yes finally!!!! Thank god

  • Is there going to be any deletion of the alt castles that have been placed where it creates an unfair advantage due to the abuse of alliance teleporting?

  • Can we just reset the entire map by removing every single player off the grid to allow fairness for everyone to reconquer magn. Also this will ensure that the majority of alt accounts and inactive players are removed off the map freeing up space for new and old players to move around and start a alliance cluster. Not only will this help players rebuild as a team it'll allow new players the access to more resources since removing the inactive alt accounts that are wasting space would clear up alot of tiles making the game more appealing. As for the game appearance right now it looks like a ghost servers with with a lot of depleted tiles scattered around inactive accounts spread along the borderline. So in all fairness i would suggest restart the map and give everyone a heads up itll justify the active players being logged onto the game compared to the new guest accounts purpose to create farming and exploit.

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    @Luckyone I'll be sure to mention it to the team! However, as it deals with other players accounts, I might not be able to discuss our plans for them.

    @Archimedes Thank you for your suggestion. I will also forward it to the team!

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