Monster of the Week: Giant Mantis (R)

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    Welcome to this week’s monster of the week: The Giant Mantis (R)

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    This bug is a dangerous carnivore and will swiftly attack anyone or anything that roams into the grasslands and forests it calls home. The Giant Mantis has been known to grow up to between 2-3 meters in length.

    Its native skill relies on its Attack and Speed. With a Quick Swipe, it will strike a vertical row of enemies for a moderate amount of damage.

    Once it is more proficient with Quick Swipe, it has a chance to go Berserk during the Start-up phase of the battle. If it does go Berserk, its defense will go down as it applies a major Defense debuff to itself. Its attacks will be boosted though as it applies a major Attack buff to itself. The debuff and buff will last for four turns and are both based on the Intelligence of the monster.

    Starting Stats

    Attack – 30
    Defense – 31
    Intelligence – 28
    Speed – 33

    Range – 1
    Siege – 6

    Want to see your favorite monster up here? Let us know which monster you want to see on Monster of the Week by leaving their name in this thread.

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