Lying makes life better, doesn't it?

  • Hi, Faya! Recently, a bunch of players had been banned. The reason why players creating new accounts is for the "new player rewards". Which I sent a ticket before. People transfer new accounts' silver or cards to their main accounts thru AH, to get the benefit. Doing this whole day, you will get more than purchasing.
    One of the players said that "we are multiple people at home using my tablet". So can you just check where did his "friends'" silver go, please? He said, using his tablet, which means by one device. Does that mean if someone creates new accounts by one device, he can say that "Oh, my friends use my tablets create accounts without my permission, and then they used their silver buy cards thru AH, and those cards happen to be sold by me?" That's ridiculous!
    Lying makes life better, doesn't it?

  • administrators

    Hi @GoodJob,

    The multi account ban covers a number of exploits. We have stated in the rules that “This Service supports one Account per game per person only” and any accounts violating this past the date of the updated Player Rules and Policies have been banned.

    Again, I will say that we will not enter into discussions about other players accounts. That is between the account holder and the team only.

    As this thread is about the multi-account bans, a thread that is already open, I will be closing it. Thank you.

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