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    Greetings Conquerors,

    We’ve been increasingly aware of the use of exploits in Kingdom Conquest: Dark Empire.
    As the main issue resulted from “Multi-Accounting”, we updated our Player Rules and Policies on June 9th 2017 to let everyone know that we only support one game account per player.
    Since then, we have monitored the creation of a number of accounts that we have identified as duplicates. These accounts have now been banned, along with any associated accounts.

    As we at SEGA strive to keep a fun environment for the players, we will continue to monitor all accounts and sanction those breaching our Player Rules and Policies.

    Thank you for your understanding and patience while we continue to improve your experience in Magna.

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    Hi @fredostrike,

    If you feel that your account has been wrongfully suspended, you can contact us by sending in a support ticket here to appeal this decision. I would like to request that you only send in one appeal though, as multiple appeals could lead to a dismissal of your request.

  • Would like that the info about banned accounts be available to alliance members levels 1 and 2
    Hope this time it is not permanent since it's the first offence
    I expect you to put as much energy on people who gets "eternal shields" and on fixing the game

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    Hi, DYJA! We really can't divulge that information due to privacy concerns. Thank you for your understanding.

  • That's B.S. how do you expect alliances to work without knowing basic info???
    You didn't answer about time, shield and FIXING the game
    Oh look I found this great game someone threw it in the garbage
    Looks like Sega doesn't want to celebrate the first anniversary

  • Isn't the issue using the unregistered accounts multiple times to obtain the initial login rewards? Banning any multi use of accounts seems like a knee jerk reaction. There must be a be a better way like limiting these new accounts from using the auction house until they have registered/confirmed their email address and changed their player name to something other than the initial "guest1234567". Surely with some further thought someone could think of other logical gated features for new accounts to make such use of multiple accounts less desirable.

  • @KMF Guess they also never heard of router

  • i think if Faya keep banning these accounts by the current rule ,this game will change to a dead game.

  • So fredostrike admitted that he exploited by getting free one-day shields, lol. When will 'Exploited Shield Ban' come out? Waiting.

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    Hi all,

    I know emotions are running high at the moment and I’d like to thank you for the feedback that you are giving us. I’m never going to tell anyone off for being angry, all I ask is that you continue to give constructive feedback and are polite.

    We are continuing to fix issues and update in game systems so that they work better and make the game fairer. Some of these changes do take time to make and test, but they are coming and will continue to happen as the game grows. I thank you for your patience while this happens.

    On the banned accounts, I’m sorry and I understand how frustrating it can be, but we really cannot share information about who has been banned with anyone. Any account discussions is between the account owner and the team only. It’s for privacy reasons and not something we can budge on. Thank you for your understanding.

  • @Faya So can you tell us have you started working on testing the "eternal shield"? Do I need to tell you the procedure how Fredostrike and some of his alliance members act this?

  • @faya hi Faya, can you tell us how do you differecient if it's multi-players playing multi account on one device, or just one player plays all of those accounts and pretends there are multi-players? I'm not aiming at anyone. Just wondering.

  • After reading this post i sympathize with everyone regarding the two issues stated one Unlimited Refresh of Shields two Unlimited Resources of Monsters From Alternative Account Farming
    "Unlimited Refresh of Shields" So yes the shield problem is big and yes its considered a exploit and advantage
    but the shield is gained from being subbed then released so in the process the first shield obtained would becoming a sub only after your freed you'll receive another shield for being unsubbed
    "Unlimited Resources of Monsters From Alternative Account Farming" So yes this would be a big issue aswell compared to the eternal shield this problem is sever not only will players benefit from free super rare, rare and unobtainable cards like greater race monsters. Also with the mass amount of new guest characters sole purpose is to "Farm Cards" and new playable players joining this will weigh heavily on the server so every event must be considered thatll impact the game. This game is still beta and good advantages can turn into an exploit if exposed or fails to meet the standard of the SEGA game rules.
    As for the question "differecient if it's multi-players playing multi account on one device, or just one player plays all of those accounts and pretends there are multi-players?" i can answer this by the excessive use of amount of created accounts to benefit one player is considered a multiple account offence and with this being said 1 playable player (individual) 1 account.

  • This game gave us 3 hero mastery paths to spend points on and so to varying degrees I played 3 accounts which I registered using 3 real email addresses. I suspect all 3 accounts are now banned as I am unable to login. This is fine. This game has been very anti-player from the beginning whether it was the ridiculous automated support ticketing system, the mods lack of two way communication, the lack of in game rewards for playing, and the continued removal of event types. The game has continued solely on the basic premise and execution being solidly engaging. But I do not need to play this game and therefore I will not petition to have my account reinstated. Good luck to those players remaining - especially the fine folks within Happy Hour!

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    @キセキ said in Multi-Account Bans:

    @Faya So can you tell us have you started working on testing the "eternal shield"? Do I need to tell you the procedure how Fredostrike and some of his alliance members act this?

    Hey, @キセキ . There are many issues that are currently under investigation with the team. As Faya said, some of these changes could take some time to make it to the game, but they are definitely coming. Thank you!

  • I probably won't be back either but thanks to everyone including @faya and @themods for everything it not their fault all this is a decision of the dev team they are only doing their job like many people of my alliance propose I think wiping the server clean giving everyone an equal chance on a server where shield and alt account are monitored would have been a great move giving everyone an even chance to compete with no cheating involved . I'm not blaming anybody and I had a great time playing this game. The concept is amazing I just feel like bad decisions were made management wise but I'm not gonna argue any of that. thank you to all the Magna player even my enemies for the awesome 7 months we spent playing together I really hope the community doesn't suffer too much from this event I guess not everyone deserved a second chance.

    With all respect

  • @Faya so I have an iPhone 5C that is my complete everyday phone and I also have an iPhone 5s that has some minor damage so I only run the 5s for music and games etc on wifi without a SIM card even in place. However the game really lags and glitches when playing on my 5C but after the ban and I had been playing on that phone I'm too scared to log into my account on the 5S... the game works as designed without any lag on the 5S so when I'm home I want to use that. Is this part of this policy? Or is it something that's allowed since it's only one account but two devices both registered to the same email account etc?

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    Hey @Lucky! You should be fine to use both devices as long as you continue to only use one single account.

  • Thank you... however I'm about to comment on my previous thread and explain why this is no longer necessary for me.

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