Monster of the Week: Hresvelgr (R)

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    Welcome to this week’s monster of the week: The Hresvelgr (R)!

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    Also known as “Corpse Swallower”, this giant eagle is said to cause all of the winds of Magna when they beat their wings. Before the battle begins, they will use their native skill Speed Focus to majorly buff their Speed for 2 turns. This buff effect is based on the Intelligence of the monster.

    Once they grow in power and you unlock their third skill, Blasting Wind, they will be able to apply another Speed Buff to themselves. This Buff will last until the end of the battle. Once it has buffed itself, it will then strike one row of enemies for moderate damage. The damage it does from Blasting Wind is highly dependent on its Speed.

    Starting Stats

    Attack – 30
    Defense – 34
    Intelligence – 36
    Speed – 57

    Range – 2
    Siege – 13

    Do you have a favorite monster that you want to see up here? Let us know in the thread below!

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