Game Update 0.9.3 – Patch Notes and Known Issues

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    Greetings Conquerors!

    Here are the patch notes for the Game Update 0.9.3

    Patch Notes

    • Added more tutorials in the early stages of the game to help new players
    • Sieging now awards a small amount of experience to your Commander and Monsters
    • The total Unit Siege value is now exposed on the Unit screen
    • Viewing the Battle Report Logs will now no longer restart the game
    • Improved the performance when scrolling around the Map
    • Fixed an issue with Alliance Roles when joining or leaving an Alliance
    • Units deployed on the Map have changed their boot treads to look more like Monster feet
    • Fixed a number of issues with the tutorials

    Known Issues

    • Bookmarks are not automatically being removed once you’ve deleted them. If you close and reopen your game, the deleted bookmarks should have been removed.
    • The timer for Alliance Trade is stuck at 00:00
    • Some “You cannot interact with this territory” messaging is missing from territory you cannot interact with
    • Returning players will trigger the new tutorials, even if they have been in those game areas before (i.e. Monster fusion)

    The pinned Known Issues and Fixed Issues List will be updated shortly to reflect these changes.

  • @Faya. Hi faya i got an issue already sent a ticket with screenshot i got 2 ghost ark outside my city can you fix plz

  • I'm now getting all the tutorials again.... I've been playing since November

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    Hi @Luckyone,

    Everyone will have had a few new tutorials, even if you've already done what the tutorial is showing you. You should only see them once though.

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