[Update: Servers back up] Game Update 0.9.3 - Servers going down at 09:30 UTC 26/05/2017

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    [Update: Servers back up]

    Greetings Conquerors!

    The game server will be going down on 26th May at 09:30 UTC for a game update. You should be able to log back in 2 hours after the server goes down and after you’ve updated your app.

    The Patch Notes and Known Issues will be going up shortly before the maintenance in the Patch Notes and Known Issues forum.

    Android users – Please ensure that your OS is updated to version 4.1.x or above. If your OS is lower than this your device will no longer be compatible with the latest update.

    iOS users - I need to double check which OS number you need and I will confirm as soon as I can. iOS users, you will not be affected by this, my apologies for any confusion.

    Also from today’s update, your device must have at least 1GB of memory. The game may no longer run on your device if it does not

    Not sure when UTC is in your timezone? Check here or at a timezone website of your choice.

    We’re sorry for any inconvenience the downtime causes and hope to see you back in Magna soon after the update.

    [Edit: 09:23 UTC 26/05/2017 - Faya] Updated iOS OS section
    [Edit: 11:27 UTC 26/05/2017 - Faya] Hi all. The servers are back up. See you in Magna!

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