Game Update 0.9.2 - Patch Notes and Known Issues

  • administrators

    Greetings Conquerors!

    Below are the patch notes for the Game Update 0.9.2

    This update is due to go out on the 12th May at 08:00 UTC.

    This update has been postponed. Please see the Announcement thread for further details about this release.

    Patch Notes

    • Added the ability to register an account using Facebook
    • Improved the rewards for registration
    • Further improvements to the new player tutorials
    • We’ve improved the battle replays to better communicate what is happening during a fight
    • Server optimisations across many areas of the game
    • Monster sort order default changed to Level – Rarity – Race
    • Added new high level resource packs
    • Added ‘Level Up’ text underneath cards in the inventory
    • Map Objective levels and tile player actions like abandon, release etc. are now shown when zoomed out
    • Fixed the Quest refresh time showing incorrectly due to daylight saving time
    • Fixed some issues with reports for an overwhelming defeat showing the incorrect data
    • Fixed the Map Overview - Bases tab to correctly show the current list
    • Fixed an issue with Alliance Role transfers not updating correctly
    • Fixed an issue with the daily rewards expiring and not updating
    • Fixed issues with hiring and releasing commanders
    • Fixed the extra large ‘+’ symbols on the card pack screens
    • Added extra debug tracking tools on the server to identify the map lag players are experiencing

    The pinned Known Issues and Fixed Issues List will be updated shortly to reflect these changes.

    [Edit: 14:40 UTC 12/05/2017 - Faya] Updated the information

  • teamDUTERTE

    Is this update can fixed my bug? When I'm in map I experiencing a maplag and delay when building or choosing ark to my tiles.. Sometimes when I try to click any.. Like tiles, hordes, towers or resource shrine.. My background screen is going to all black.. I try to move it.. But I see nothing just all black in the map.. It happens 6-9 clicks.. I already send a ticket.. I hope this update fix it..

  • administrators

    Hi @tOps-DDS, thank you for sending in a ticket. I'm not sure if the update will help the issue you are describing. If it's related to the map lag issue, then I'm afraid that we are still trying to improve this.

    I can see your ticket is on hold, which means that we are still investigating the issue. Once we have more information for you, your ticket will be replied to. Thank you for your patience while we continue to investigate.

  • teamDUTERTE

    How long? 1month is ok for me to wait.. But more than that.. I dunno if I continue play this.. Sorry :(

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