Monster of the Week: Phoenix (R)

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    Welcome to this week’s monster of the week: The Phoenix (R)!

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    The legend of the Phoenix is well known among the Conquerors of Magna, the bird of flames which rises from the ashes upon its death.
    On its turn, this monster attempts to apply a Revive, Counter and React effect to itself. If the ability is applied successfully and the Phoenix is defeated before its next turn, it will return From the Ashes. Not only will it revive a small number of Troops, it will strike every monster, both friend and foe, for moderate damage. The damage is based on the monster’s Attack. If the monster is not defeated, the effects do not trigger and they will attempt to activate them on its next turn.

    Once its Native skill is advanced enough, the monster unlocks the skill Restore Shift, if this skill is successful in the start-up phase of the battle, a Restore effect will be added to each friendly monster. The Restore effect will last for 4 turns and is based on the Intelligence of the Phoenix. A monster with a Restore effect on it will regain Troops at the end of their turn until the effect is removed.

    Starting Stats

    Attack – 38
    Defense – 30
    Intelligence – 37
    Speed – 56

    Range – 3
    Siege – 9

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