Server Update 27/04/2017 - Server Update Notes

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    Greetings all!

    Below are the server update notes for the Server Update on the 27/04.

    Update Notes

    • New Conquerors protection timer has been increased to 28 days
    • The number of Hordes, Towers and Resource Shrines have been increased for all Conquerors
    • Resources Shrine rewards have been increased for lower level Shrines. Mana gifted from Resources Shrines has increased for all Shrine levels
    • Clearing Obstructions from the City will now take less time
    • Monsters Stamina recovery has improved
    • New quests added for capturing Resource Shrines

  • Balls Of Odin


    I say no to 28 days. No legit strategy game player will want peace for a month to experience PVP. A real player will go for an alliance to seek protection. Even for a solo player, a month protection is not needed - cities in this game do not lose resources from attacks, and can simply save/protect their troops if they know what they are doing. A 28 day protection is prone to exploit.

  • And still no gold spending prompt.

  • administrators

    Hi @romuel816,

    Thanks for the feedback about the protection timers. I’ve sent your feedback to the team.

    The new 28 day protection timer is for the benefit of new players that may not have played this style of game before. This was a decision made after an investigation was done into why some players may have left the game early.

    We take exploits and cheating very seriously and will thoroughly investigate any claims. Just so you are aware though, myself and the team will not enter into discussions about bans, warnings or any disciplinary procedures that may take place to anyone that is reported to be cheating/exploiting.

    Hi @Derek, as this was a server update it can only change and update certain things within the game. Something like a pop up would need a game update. As I’ve said before, I’ve passed the suggestion to the team to review. The team is currently very busy with a whole bunch of things and this does mean that suggestions and new items may take a while to be implemented, if at all. I know that this is something that you and others want and I’ll continue to feedback to the team as many times as you want me to and if I have any news I’ll let you know. Until that time, I’m afraid I might have to sound a little bot like in telling you that I’ve sent your feedback to the team.

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