Game Update 0.9.1 - Patch Notes and Known Issues

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    Greetings Conquerors!

    Below are the patch notes for the Game Update 0.9.1

    This update is due to go out on the 20th April at 08:00 UTC. Please see the Announcement thread for further details about this release.

    Patch Notes

    • Improved the initial tutorial to show a Battle Replay
    • Castle Level upgrades now announce new buildings you have unlocked
    • Improved performance scrolling around the map
    • Fixed the following Ascension Tower issues:
      • Attacking a tile prompt appearing when all conditions are met
      • Unable to attack as the capturing player is Fortified
      • Awarding gifts to players who had not attacked the correct Guardian
    • Your City should no longer become unresponsive when logging back into the game
    • Alliance roles should now update immediately when a player is assigned
    • Vassals list should now update when a player is released
    • Lots of bug fixes, optimisation & polish

    Known Issues

    • Alliance Wisdom not being updated correctly (there is a fix in test at this time)
    • There is a Ghost Ark on the map. Please do not attack the Ghost Ark
    • Upgrading a monsters skill to level 10 might not grant you the rewards
    • Some monsters or Commanders may appear oversized in battle replays

    The pinned Known Issues and Fixed Issues List will be updated shortly to reflect these changes.

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