Monster of the Week: Orc Mage (R)

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    Welcome to this week’s monster of the week: The Orc Mage (R)!

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    While the Orc Mage may not be physically equipped to be a warrior, it will bolster its unit with magical healing. Its native skill, Cure Breeze will heal a small number of troops for allies that are vertically and horizontally next to it. Once the monster has unlocked its third skill, Mystic Healing, it will heal a moderate amount of troops in the back row. Its healing is based on its Intelligence for both skills, however Mystic Healing is only affected slightly by this. Adding a Start-Up skill that buffs their Intelligence more could make their healing even stronger.

    Do you have an Orc Mage healing your troops?

    Starting Stats

    Attack – 32
    Defense – 34
    Intelligence – 32
    Speed – 24

    Range – 2
    Siege – 18

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