Chat broken

  • Hi @Faya. Or @theMods. My chat seems to be broken since i changed my name i cant acces chat or any chat rooms it all says chat is too busy try again later . the same problem happened to topsdutere when i shamed him i changed his name and he cant receive any message for 3 weeks now . can you plz push this to support faster than my actual request i kinda regret investing 1k gold to break my chat not worth it at all ... And plz help tops as well this is a very irritating issue in a group game ...

  • administrators

    Hi @fredostrike, I'm sorry that your chat has broken. The team has taken a further look with the information you gave and I think they may have found a solution. Next time you are in game, can you let me know if your chat is working again please?

  • It work thanks a lot faya

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