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    Greetings Conquerors,

    Below is a list of current known issue and recently fixed bugs. If you are experiencing a bug, please take a look through the list below to see if it is a known issue and if there is a workaround. If you cannot see it on this list or you think you may have some extra information for us, please send us a ticket either via the ingame “Contact Support” or via this link here, making sure to include the email you used to register the game and to include as much detail as possible.

    This thread will stay closed. If you wish to discuss the known issues and fixes, please head to this thread here.

    Known Issues

    • Troop count resetting to 100 after an error
    • Some reward pop-ups still appear after they have been unchecked in the Notifications tab
    • Some pop-ups are not appearing when they should
    • If you remain on the account registration screen in-game while accepting your verification email, the game may kick you to a blank map screen and appear to freeze. Workaround - Selecting any tab from the bottom menu should let you continue to play normally
    • Some players have experienced a crash after trying to accept a VIP quest. Please contact us if this has happened to you
    • After fusing materials, you can occasionally see multiple versions of the fused material. Workaround - try closing and reopening the game. If that doesn’t work, please contact us.
    • Some players have reported that they are unable to view their private Alliance forum. Please contact Faya if this happens to you
    • [UPDATED] The Chat server may break after changing your name - Please contact support if this happens to you
    • Deploying troops while your Castle is fortified may result in you receiving the Goblin error, followed by the game crashing
    • Unable to interact with City Buildings - Workaround. Please close and reload the game
    • Reign disappearing/appearing incorrect - Please contact support if this happens to you
    • Upgrading a monsters skill to level 10 might not grant you the rewards
    • Some monsters or Commanders may appear oversized in battle replays
    • Hiring a commander when you do not have enough points to hire them may reboot the game
    • Alliances may gain two leaders if the leadership has changed hands – Please contact support if your Alliance gets this issue
    • Bookmarks are not automatically being removed once you’ve deleted them. If you close and reopen your game, the deleted bookmarks should have been removed.
    • The timer for Alliance Trade is stuck at 00:00
    • Some “You cannot interact with this territory” messaging is missing from territory you cannot interact with
    • Returning players will trigger the new tutorials, even if they have been in those game areas before (i.e. Monster fusion)

    Fixed Issues

    • [NEW] Tower Capture event should now award points correctly
    • Resource bonus appears to be negative Conquerors should no longer see negative resource bonuses
    • Lag while on the Map - Workaround. Please uninstall and reinstall the game from the Google Play Store - This should have been improved in the latest update. If you are still having very bad lag, please send in a ticket This should have improved since the last update
    • Alliance Wisdom not being updated correctly (there is a fix in test at this time) Alliance Wisdom should now be fixed. We've also added extra tools to the server to check and fix the issue should the error resurface
    • Teleporting – If the territory your teleporting to is taken, you will now be informed that your teleport may fail
    • Stopped Master’s Encampments from squatting in Castles they’ve not conquered
    • The Item counters should no longer show that you have new gifts when you’ve already claimed them
    • Alliances should no longer have issues with multiple join requests
    • Tapping the “Show me” button for some quests in the City sent you to the wrong place, this should now be fixed
    • Subjugated Alliances should now show up on the conquering Alliances profile screen
    • The Ghost Arks are now gone

    Please note that this is not a complete list of all known and fixed bugs. This thread may be updated at any time, so be sure to check back when you need to.

    [Last Edit: Solana: 15:35 UTC 05/07/2017] Updated the lists

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