You are Killing the game, easy fix to get it right again...

  • Guys you are Killing this game fast. Players that hardly fight pulling 500 Mill or more each day using easy setups, clerics and hitting friends. Each tournament that can be exploited is, by the same people and alliances, Killing the game. Told you once before and tell you again there is a pretty easy way to fix this from thoose who want to cheat there way tourney wins and lvl 50 comms. No points and no res hitting a target more then once or twice a day. The resources is lost for the attacked one but not obtained by the winner it just vanish. Please dont try to fix this by open up lvl 60 comms.... att fast and same the game or sit by and see most active players quit. Thanks Sandman

  • Just noticed it was the wrong forum ignore this lol

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    @Sandman said:

    Just noticed it was the wrong forum ignore this lol

    No problem, Sandman! In that case I'll just close this thread out. :)

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