An Ascension Tower has descended!

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    An Ascension Tower has descended from the heavens and has reshaped the lands of Magna!

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    Is your Alliance powerful enough to assault and capture the Ascension Tower? It’s time for you to prove yourselves and claim the rewards of this mighty tower! The rewards include Ascension Tickets, these will let you draw powerful monsters not yet seen in the realms of this Dark Empire. Once you have enough of them, of course.

    To attack and enter the tower you must prove yourselves worthy.

    • You must get your Alliance Monument to level 5 or above
    • You or a member of your Alliance must own territory adjacent to the Ascension Tower
    • Check if the Tower has been marked. Some Ascension Towers will bear marks of the different races. If the Tower is marked by a certain race, your attacking Unit must contain at least 1 monster of that type, otherwise the Unit will not make it past the doors

    This Ascension Tower has landed at 660,1234. You have just under three days before the impenetrable mists clear and you can start your attack and lay claim to the Tower and its rewards.

    Note: You can always find where the Ascension Tower is by going to Map > Map Overview > Objectives. The Ascension Tower should appear at the bottom of the list.

    Good luck Conquerors!

  • Question is the rewards equal for all aliance members or the person who capture it get most of the loot like a regular tower ??

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    Hi there @fredostr,

    Rewards for the Ascension Tower go a little something like this;

    For the first time the tower is captured

    • The player that captures the Ascension Tower should receive Gold and an Ascension Ticket
    • All members of the Alliance should receive a recipe

    After the initial capture, Guardians will appear that you will have to defeat

    • Everyone who contributes to attacking the Guardian should receive Silver and an Ascension Ticket
    • Everyone in the Alliance should get an Alliance Chest

    And if your Alliance is the one that has the Tower captured when it leaves the map, you should all receive Shards and a couple of Alliance Chests.

    I hope that helps!

  • Hi Faya. Is the Ascension Ticket a one-time use item, in the sense it would be used like 10 tokens or 300 gems? Or does the Ascension Ticket work like a key that unlocks the shop and allows for players to use the shop as often as they want while using some other form of currency?

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    Hi @DerekM92! The Ascension Tickets work just like the Gems and other pack tokens.

  • Hi @Faya. Or @theMods when are where does the guardian spawns after we take ascension tower this way we can plan out

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    Hey there, @fredostr

    With this Ascension Tower, the team doesn't want to reveal every detail just yet. Everyone will find out the location of the Guardian when it spawns. Good luck out there!

  • This post is deleted!

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