Monster of the Week: Minotaur (UC)

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    Welcome to this week’s monster of the week: The Minotaur (UC)!

    0_1489678214889_Twitter - Minotaur.jpg

    The Minotaurs of Magna hail from an organized fighter tribe, they serve as a militia supporting Conquering armies. Their native skill is Chop - based on Attack, the monsters strike a vertical row of enemies for moderate damage. Once Minotaurs are battle hardened and their native skill is high enough, Defense Spirit is unlocked – a skill which sees defense greatly increase when activated. The Minotaur’s base Intelligence is key for maximizing the effect of Defense Spirit.

    Have you used the might of the Minotaur?

    Starting Stats:

    Attack – 40
    Defense – 50
    Intelligence – 25
    Speed – 29

    Range – 2
    Siege – 31

  • The Minotaur (C) was my first max level card. I love these cards! And the artwork is phenomenal as well! Huge props to the game's design team.

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