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  • I've been playing this game for 84 days now. I've learned quite about this game thus far and I'm still learning. I wanted to take some time and provide the development team with some feedback. This is my first time playing an entry in the Kingdom Conquest series. For anyone reading my review/feedback, please note that I am in no way associated to Sega and I was not asked to provide this information. I'm doing so in order to provide valuable feedback that will help improve the game, along with giving newer players some valuable information.

    The Early Game
    You guys have absolutely nailed the early game. The introduction to the game which I consider to be Castle ranks 1 through 8 is fast-paced. You provide the players with a sense of accomplishment. It is very well-done. I like that all of the information and tips aren't bombarding you ingame, but rather you provide a FAQ and a new player guide. I would recommend pointing this out for new players. I have a sense that the majority of the players have yet to visit the forums.

    The Mid Game
    I'm currently in the mid-game. The grind is fantastic. There's always stuff to do, whether you're doing research, upgrading your buildings, increasing monster skill levels, or crafting equipment. The timers can always be in use without having to run out of resources.

    The Late Game
    I haven't reached the late game yet, I consider castle 18 to be considered late game. I do know that resource shrines become the only way to collect enough resources to upgrade your castle apart from purchasing resource packs or ranking very high in events.

    So far, the support team has been fantastic. They have been able to resolve any issue that they have faced. Faya has been a perfect community manager so far. Faya always responds to any inquiry and tries to find a solution for any issue that arises.

    The Bad Stuff
    There's some stuff that needs to change. I highly recommend adding a prompt when gold is being spent. Plenty of people have spent gold by accident. I just recently purchased a Quality Resource Chest for 10700 gold.

    This brings me to my next point, those chest prices are absurd. Why would someone spend that much gold on a chest, when they could scout a Frontier Base and uncover multiple ruins for 300 gold? They would get multiple chests in return. Furthermore, I would consider lowering the prices of the Speed Ups, they are very high at the moment.

    Some of the Super Rares are extremely underwhelming. I would consider adjusting the stats or abilities on your Super Rares. Most of them aren't that good when compared to rares of the same race. Although rarity does not necessarily mean better, they should at least provide a niche or something that sets them apart.

    The game puts a lot of emphasis on the Ascension Tower, yet it has only shown up once since the game launched, and it has not appeared since I started this game. Even if it won't appear for a while, at least give players an idea as to when it will spawn. Oh and give us the Arena.

    The last update was rough. I'm still experiencing quite a few annoying glitches. I'm seeing counters for gifts and inventory items that should have disappeared after I opened or collected them. Alliance settings are off as well. Setting castle level requirements often won't change. Last login timers no longer function.

    The gem packs never went on sale as advertised during the last super sale.

    The conqueror level cap is currently too low. Increasing the level cap will provide players a chance to fill out the remaining masteries. Some players have already hit level 60 and there is nothing else left for them to strive for at this point, apart from levelling up their cities.

    The Good Stuff
    I would consider the rest of the game to be the good stuff. The combat, the skill system, the city buldings (although I would love to redesign my city), the VIP system, the boost shop, the resource system, map, interfaces etc. Everything else that I haven't mentioned is great. If I didn't consider it part of the bad stuff, I consider it good.

    I didn't go very indepth with this review/feedback suggestion, so feel free to reach out to me if you have any other inquiries.

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    Hi @DerekM92!

    Thanks so much for all the feedback and thank you for the kind words about my work and the teams as well. I’ve forwarded your post to the team. Thanks again!

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