Super Sale Weekend! 11-12 March 2017

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    The Super Sale Weekend is back!

    Have you been waiting to grab some items to help you in your conquest of the lands of Magna? This weekend we’ll be discounting a whole host of items every 2 hours, from speed ups to resources to pack drafts.

    The sale starts at 00:00 11th March and runs until 23:59 12th March, with a new item being discounted every two hours.

    Every item that goes on sale will have a discount of 40%. We’ve added an extra hour onto the sale times, so these discounts will last for four hours from when they start!

    Want to see what’s on offer? Check out the list below for the items that are going on sale and when*.

    0_1489163759313_kcde sale march 11 correct.jpg

    *Please note that the times are all in UTC. Not sure when UTC is in your timezone? Check here or at a timezone website of your choice.

    **VIP XP and time can be purchased from the VIP menu (in the top right hand corner next to your Conqueror Avatar).

    See you in the lands of Magna!

    [Edit: 16:40 UTC 10/03/2017 - Faya] Corrected pack names for Uncommon and Rare Pack Drafts

  • Due to the error with the card pack sales, would it be possible to have a 24 hour sale of all packs at 40% off?

  • administrators

    Hi @DerekM92. We will be looking to re-do the card pack sales once they’ve been fixed. I can’t say what the details will be yet, but I’ll let you know as soon as I have more information.

    Thanks again for bringing it to my attention!

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