Overwatch all and multi material fusion

  • I would like to see some kind of start all overwatches so you dont have to do them all 1 at a time, and also for fusing materials it would be nice to have a slider to do multiple fuses at once like you have for opening chests

  • administrators

    Hi @Doomfester. Thank you for taking the time to share your suggestions. I believe we've had similar suggestions before, so I'll add your feedback to them. Thanks again!

  • Id like to toss out another idea, being able to select and remove multiple item recipes would be great.

    As well for combat logs, when you hit something with 5000 troops and do more damage then 5000 it just shows up that 5000 damage was done. I think it would be cool if it showed up as "monster does 7000 damage (2000) overkill" or something of the sort, so you can see how much damage it really did

  • administrators

    Thanks for the further suggestions @Doomfester! I'll pass these onto the team as well.

  • I would like to resuggest the one button oversight. What i love about KC is that i have time for work and play. The thing is when i play, doing oversight one by one is tedious and seems like work and it takes the fun of it. which defeats the purpose of playing for fun

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