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    Conquering Magna by yourself would be futile. What you need is fellow Conquerors to help you and each other to become stronger, so your Alliance can take over the land and claim the Ascension Towers for themselves.

    There are many pluses to joining an Alliance and much you can help each other with.

    Creating or Joining an Alliance

    When you first step into the world of Magna, you can either begin your own Alliance or join an already established one. To join or create an Alliance, you will have to go to the Alliance section of the game, which you can find by tapping Alliance in the bottom bar in game.

    When you first join an Alliance, you are given the following gifts;

    • 2000 Gold
    • 100 Rare Tokens
    • Alliance Teleport

    Note: The Alliance teleport has a set of requirements for it to be used

    • You must have your Arks docked
    • You must be a new player
    • You must be in an Alliance
    • You must not already be teleporting
    • You cannot be a Vassal
    • No units can be deployed

    To create your own Alliance

    In the top right corner of the Alliance section in game, tap where it says Create Alliance. In the pop up, enter the name you want to call your Alliance and tap Confirm. You will have to confirm your name choice again and then your Alliance will be created. You will be the Alliance Lord and you will have to start recruiting others to join your Alliance. You can do this in game or via the forums

    To join an Alliance

    When you tap on the Alliance section of the game, if you are not in an Alliance, you will see a list of the current Alliances in game. To join or to request to join an Alliance, simply tap the Join or Request To Join button. Some Alliances may have set a Castle level requirement for you to join, or they may have other requirements. Some Alliances might even invite you to join them.

    Your Alliance

    When you are in your Alliance, be it newly created or one that you joined, there is a section of the game dedicated to your Alliance and what happens in it. You can get to this section by tapping Alliance on the bottom menu bar. This will give you access to all the Alliance Information. If you have yet to join an Alliance, it will show you the list of current Alliances in the Kingdom.

    When you are in an Alliance, tapping the Alliance section should take you to the Overview page, which will give you an overview of your Alliance, including its Total Power, any Alliance activity, and more.

    Alliance Chat and Forums

    When an Alliance is created, a special Alliance chat room and forum section will be opened, only accessible to members of the Alliance. When you join an Alliance, you should be placed into both.

    To access your Alliance chat, simply swipe to the left in the chat box. You can also access it by by tapping the chat icon in the bottom left corner and selecting the room with your Alliances name in the list. Your Alliance chat will always be second in the list after the main Magna chat.

    You also have a section of the forum just for your Alliance members. You’ll be able to access this area by going to the main Alliance section of the forums and the Subcatergory for your Alliance forum should be at the top, above the main section.

    Alliance Help

    While playing, a pop up will appear above the Alliance section at the bottom of the screen. Tapping the Help pop up will open the Alliance Help section. Here you will be able to send help to fellow Alliance members to speed up their timers. You will be able to see your allies’ contributions to your timers here as well.


    Your Monument is the symbol of your Alliance’s power and a sign to the gods of your worthiness.

    To build a Monument, your Alliance must first secure a 3x3 set of territory. The level of Territory does not matter, only that it is a square of 3x3. Your Alliance Lord will be able to start the building of the monument once you have the territory secured.

    Upgrading the Monument goes in stages.

    • The first stage requires resources to be donated. Any member of the Alliance can donate towards the monument upgrade.
    • Then you must offer Souls. You get these from Monsters that have been sacrificed.
    • Once enough souls have been offered, a Monument Guardian will be summoned. Defeat this foe and claim the Guardians Soul.
    • Once you’ve claimed the Guardian Souls, your Alliance must win Shards from defeating Raid Bosses and claiming Towers.
    • Once enough Shards are won, your Alliance Lord or a high ranking Alliance member will be able to start the next stage of the upgrade. Repeat these steps to continue upgrading your monument and make your Alliance more powerful.

    If your Alliance moves to a new place, your Alliance Lord will be able to teleport the Monument. To do this, the Alliance Lord will need a Monument Teleport Token, which is available in the Store, under Items > Items.

    The pre-requisites for teleporting your monument are;

    • Target territory must not be too close to a Conqueror’s City or City Teleport
    • You must own the Territory
    • No rival Monuments or Monument teleports nearby
    • You have not teleported recently
    • Teleporting is allowed in the region
    • You are not a Vassal
    • You are not already teleporting
    • Destination does not have a base or in-progress teleport
    • No water or lava too close

    Note: The target territory must also be a square of 3x3

    Alliance Research

    To make your Alliance more powerful, you’ll have to do some research. With Research, you’ll be able to help improve the amount of players you can have in your Alliance, how much help you can receive, opening new roles and more. To advance the research, you and your Alliance will have to donate Resources and Souls, depending on what the research requires. Certain sections of research have requirements the Alliance must fulfill before research can start. This can be Alliance Wisdom (which you get by completing research), Monument level, or a role within the Alliance has to be fully researched.

    Alliance Roles


    The top role in the Alliance is the Lord. They can decide who joins the Alliance and can kick inactive or problematic members. They can also set the join requirements and decide who in the Alliance get which roles when they become available.They can set the Rank of each Alliance member within the Alliance. As Alliance Lord, you are unable to activate a Shield for extended protection. You must assign the role of Lord to another if you wish to use a Shield.


    The Generals have a similar role to the Lord and you can gain up to four Generals in your Alliance. They can perform the same administrative duties as the Lord. Generals also give your Alliance better protection from Alliance wide vassalage. For Alliance wide vassalage to happen, the Alliance Lord and all the Alliance’s Generals must be subjugated. Administrative duties fall to the highest ranked member who is free. Generals are also unable to activate a Shield.

    Trader, Harvester and Alchemist

    These roles take a portion of the Alliance member’s relevant rate and apply it to the rest of the Alliance.


    A percentage of the Trader’s Trade Rate is added to all trades between Alliance members, helping to improve their Trade Rate. You can raise your Trade Rate through Research in Harvest Mastery and upgrading the Trading Post in your City. When looking to appoint an Alliance member to the Trader role, look for those with a high Total Trade Rate percentage. You can check your trade rate (and trade limit), by going to the Trading Post in your City and tapping Trade.


    A portion of the Harvester’s Resource Gathering Rate is applied as an additional bonus to all Alliance members’ resource production rate. When looking to appoint the Harvester role, try looking for members with high resource production rates.


    A portion of the Alchemist’s Mana conversion efficiency is added to the Mana conversion efficiency of all Alliance members. When looking for the Alchemist role, look for Alliance members with high Mana conversion efficiency. You can increase your Mana conversion efficiency by researching Alchemy Mastery and leveling your Mana Refinery.


    There are 8 Ranks within the Alliance. The higher the rank, the more responsibilities and more trust that member has within the Alliance. Below is the list of Ranks and what they are able to do.

    Rank 1
    The Alliance Lord automatically gets Rank 1 and is the only member allowed this rank.
    Assign Ranks 2-8
    Assign Alliance Lord Role
    Assign General Roles
    Teleport Alliance Monument
    Edit Alliance Description
    Assign Alchemist, Trader, and Harvester roles
    Release Vassals
    Set recruitment status
    View online status
    View last logged in
    Kick Accept and Reject
    Advance Monument
    Initiate Alliance Research

    Rank 2
    Assign Ranks 3-8
    Assign Alchemist, Trader, and Harvester roles
    Release Vassals
    Set recruitment status
    View online status
    View last logged in
    Kick Accept and Reject
    Advance Monument
    Initiate Alliance Research

    Rank 3
    Assign Ranks 4-8
    Kick Accept and Reject
    Advance Monument
    Initiate Alliance Research

    Rank 4
    Advance Monument
    Initiate Alliance Research

    Rank 5
    Advance Monument
    Initiate Alliance research

    Rank 6
    Advance Monument
    Receive Alliance Help

    Rank 7
    Receive Alliance Help

    Rank 8
    Receive Alliance Help


    Another plus of joining an Alliance, is that you can request resources from your fellows, and in turn you can offer resources to those in your Alliance who need it. To request or trade resources, tap the Trade button on the Overview page. This will take you to the Alliance Trading page. You can only receive a certain amount of resources and you can only trade so much. To improve this, consider the following;

    Upgrade your Trading Post in your City. The higher the level, the better your exchange rate and trading proficiency.

    Harvest Mastery. The Harvest Mastery research path has a number of nodes that increases the number of trades you can do.

    Unlock and Assign a Trader position in your Alliance. A Trader will use a percentage of their Trade Rate is added to all trades. This role is unlocked via Alliance Research.

    Leaving your Alliance

    If at some point you and your Alliance decide to part ways, you can leave the Alliance by going to the Alliance section and tapping the box in the top right corner and then tap Leave Alliance. You should immediately leave the Alliance.

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