Monster of the Week: Ice Dragon (UC)

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    Welcome to this week’s monster of the week: the Ice Dragon (UC)!

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    The Ice Dragons of Magna live in glacier covered snow fields. It’s said to be able to freeze animals with its icy breath or a flap of its wings. It can strike a single enemy with its native skill Freezing Strike for moderate damage. If the strike hits the enemy, it also has a chance to stun them for a turn. The initial strike is based on the Ice Dragon’s Attack and the chance of the enemy being stunned is based on the Intelligence of the Ice Dragon.

    Its third skill is Fast Barriers, which applies 2 Barrier effects to itself. One which lasts for 1 use and another which lasts for 2. Its Barrier effects are based on its Intelligence

    Do you have an Ice Dragon in your units?

    Starting Stats

    Attack – 30
    Defense – 29
    Intelligence – 56
    Speed – 34

    Range – 2
    Siege – 31

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  • I'd like to see the Minotaur in both its common and uncommon forms!

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    Hi @DerekM92 and thanks! I'll add the Minotaurs to the list!

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