Monster of the Week: Scop Werewolf (UC)

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    Welcome to this week’s monster of the week: the Scop Werewolf (UC)!

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    The Werewolves of Magna are born half wolf, half man. The Scop Werewolf is tasked with singing about the pack’s history and battles. Their beautiful and sorrowful singing voices inspire other werewolves in battle and in the hunt. When their native skill Defense Support activates, it attempts to apply a major Defense Buff to the friendly monster in front of it. The buff effect is based off of the monsters Intelligence.

    While their song inspires your own monsters, it hinders your foes. The Scop Werewolf’s third skill is Mind Trick. This skill attempts to apply an Intelligence Debuff to each enemy monster. If it hits, the debuff effect will last for three turns.

    Starting Stats

    Attack – 31
    Defense – 32
    Intelligence – 26
    Speed – 23

    Range – 2
    Siege – 15

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