Soul shards for alliance monument raid

  • Howdy!

    Any thoughts into adding soul shards as a reward for alliance monument raids?

  • administrators

    Hi @z1nk!

    You can potentially win Shards for successfully attacking an enemies Monument, as long as their Monument is of equal or great level than your own Alliances Monument. Or did you mean the Souls that you get from sacrificing monsters?

  • I mean the shards you get from sacrificing monsters, add those as rewards for monument raids. They seem like the most precious item in the game, next to gold of course, so it would be of any value to bother raiding monuments. The amount of guild shards you get is so low right now that it seems there is noone raiding monuments for that reason.

  • administrators

    Thanks for the response @z1nk! I'll pass your suggestion along to the team.

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