Game Update 0.8.6 - Patch Notes and Known Issues

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    Greetings Conquerors!

    Below are the patch notes for the Game Update 0.8.6.

    • Mana conversion values have been adjusted
    • Frontier Bases now have extra functionality that enables players to respawn Ruins & Raid Bosses quicker
    • We've smoothed out the Conqueror XP levelling
    • Tapping a Castle tile on the map now shows what level it is
    • We've stopped some of the active skills from firing when they had no targets
    • Rebalanced the tower and horde events
    • The Report screen filter options now work again
    • Fixed an issue on iPad 4 devices that could cause the game to crash
    • Lots more bug fixes

    Known Issues

    • Alliance merge is currently broken

  • @Faya Since the update players exp went way down, drastic fall to be precise

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    Hi @DYJA,

    The Conqueror XP leveling has been smoothed out a bit in this update. No one has lost any levels or XP , but it may mean that it might take you a little longer to get up to the next level and your XP bar might look a little empty compared to before the update.

    I'm sorry if this has caused any confusion.

  • SO
    Some were close to leveling, now they are close to zero. That I is not what I call smoothed

  • I'm with Dyja on this one. The new conqueror exp rates are atrocious and will put new players at a significant disadvantage.

    I for one needed 200k exp to level up prior to the update. Now I need 800k exp. Someone in my alliance needs 8 million to level up. I can understand a slight increase, but a 400% increase without providing an exp boost or additional ways to gain exp will turn people away from the game as progression will take way too long.

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    Hi all,

    Firstly, thank you for the feedback. I’ve already spoken to a few of the team this morning about it and let them know your thoughts.

    I want to try to explain the Conqueror XP changes a little more, as you have raised some worries I’d like to address.

    The overall amount of Conqueror XP that is needed for the top level has not changed, but the spacing between some of the levels is what has changed. For lower levels the XP needed for each level is the same and for those in the lower levels and new players they are going to see a much smoother levelling experience. For levels in the middle, they would have needed less XP and may even have gone up a level. The problem comes for those of you around the early 40s up. As I said before, no one should have lost a level, but you might have been put into a situation where you would have been a level lower. This means that to reach the next level up you might have some more work to do as you need to go past the new amount of XP needed. Once you get past that, it should look a lot better though.

    I am worried that someone needs 8 million XP to level though, that’s something I’d like to get investigated.

    Please do continue to let me know your thoughts. As always I will pass it all back to the team.

  • @Faya two weeks for

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