Monster of the Week: Wolpertinger (UC)

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    Welcome to this week’s Monster of the Week; the Wolpertinger (UC)!

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    This mythical beast is said to only be found by young and beautiful women. A Chimera of a hare, with horns, wings and fangs, the Wolpertinger is fast on its feet. Its native skill is Evasive, a passive Speed based skill that adds an Evade effect on the monster, making it harder for enemy monsters to hit it. Once its third skill Fast Bite is unlocked, it will strike one random enemy for light damage during the start-up phase of the battle. The second skill slot will allow you to acquire an Active skill. Consider gaining one that is based off of Speed or Attack or improves them, as these are the bases of Evasive and Fast Bite respectively. You could acquire the Active skill of Quick Swipe from the Giant Mantis, as this skill the damage is based on both Speed and Attack.

    Starting Stats

    Attack – 31
    Defense – 25
    Intelligence – 19
    Speed – 46

    Range – 2
    Siege – 6

    Do you have a monster you want to know more about? Let us know in the thread below!

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