Horrible problem with UI

  • This isn't the first time I've misclicked and used gold for something stupid. Please create a prompt when spending gold. I just wasted 5 on a creatures of the horde pack when I thought I was buying 10 emerald packs with emeralds. You keep moving the packs ound when gem packs go on sale.

    If possible reimburse that 5k gold and remove the cards. And create a prompt when using gold for anything.

  • Thank you so much for the quick fix and rewards. You guys are the definition of great customer support :)

  • administrators

    Hi @DerekM92, I was about to post that we had reimbursed you and sent you an extra little gift, but you beat me to it! I'll pass your feedback about the UI to the team as well, and I'm sorry that you've experienced an issue with it.

    Many thanks!

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