Monster of the Week: Orc Armored Knight (R)

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    Welcome to this week’s Monster of the Week, the Orc Armored Knight! (R)

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    These elite orc knights are clad in heavy armor, fashioned from beast hide and iron plates that they got from bartering with the Lizardmen. Their native skill Overheat strikes an enemy for heavy damage. They hit their target so hard that they stun themselves for a turn. Unlocking their third skill Stun Resist will help them resist that problem. Overheat’s damage is based on Attack, so a second skill that improves this or adds another attack ability could be a way to turn this monster into a real heavy hitter.

    Starting Stats

    Attack – 39
    Defense – 42
    Intelligence – 21
    Speed – 22

    Range – 2
    Siege – 35

    If you want to know more about a particular monster, let us know by leaving their name in the thread below and we’ll cover them in a future Monster of the Week!

    [Edit: 06/04/2017 - Faya] Added color text

  • Balls Of Odin

    @Faya Smokey Crawler. Also, is Lou Carcolh classified as a crawler type? What other monsters fall in this category, other than Smokey Crawler and Crawler? Thanks in advance.

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    Hi @romuel816! My apologies for the late response. I'll add Smokey Crawler to the list.

    The Lou Carcolh is indeed classed as a crawler type. Out of the currently released monsters, the Crawler, Smokey Crawler and Lou Carcolh are the crawler types.

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