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    Welcome Conqueror, to the world of Magna! If you’ve not played a Kingdom Conquest game before, there can be a lot to take in. In this thread, you’ll find information to help you start your conquest of Magna. Included will be further links to more in depth All About guides if you want them.

    This is a thread that will constantly be reworked to make this the best source for players as it can be. Feel free to add requests and suggestions to what you think will help this thread and newer players.


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    Register your account

    Once you’ve completed the tutorial, you’ll be able to register your account. To do this, tap More on the bottom right of the screen. Once you are in the More Options menu, head to Settings to register. You can either register by linking your Facebook account or by adding an email address and a password.

    By registering, you’ll gain the following benefits;

    • Multiple Device Support - Play Kingdom Conquest: Dark Empire on multiple devices
    • Protect Your Game - Recover your account and in game progress if your device is lost or stolen
    • Join the Community - Gain access to the forums and contribute to the growing community
    • Get a Helping Hand - Benefit from great customer support

    You’ll also get a gift when you first register, which includes 500 Gold, 7d VIP time and more!

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    The Objective of Kingdom Conquest: Dark Empire

    A Conqueror's goal is to become the most powerful in the land, to build up and command the most formidable Alliance, gather Monument Shards and build a symbol of their combined power, gaining them access to the legendary Ascension Towers and the Ultimate Prize. You will achieve this by developing your great City, capturing territory on the Map and deploying fearsome units of monsters to crush your enemies.

    0_1481293279414_DE flow 1024.jpg

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    Completing Quests

    One way to understand how to play Kingdom Conquest: Dark Empire is to complete Quests. While in the City, just above the Chat box on the lower left hand side is where you can find your Quest Log. A recommended quest should always be shown to you in text, next to the Quests button. If you select the text, you will be shown to where you need to go to complete the objective.

    To look at all possible quests, tap the Quests button directly. You will see the quests split into four sections: Kingdom, Daily, Alliance and VIP. Kingdom and Daily quests can be completed by everyone. To take advantage of the Alliance quests, you must be in an Alliance. To take advantage of the VIP quests, you must have activated your VIP time.

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    Your City

    Your city is your seat of Power. By leveling up the buildings in your city, you’ll be able to have more monsters, gain more resources and much much more!

    When you start, you will have a few Empty Plots to build on. You will also have some locked buildings, some Monster Lairs, and Wasteland within your City walls. You will be able to unlock these after certain requirements have been met.

    There are two areas that you can build on, the Outer Walls and Inner Walls.

    Outer Walls

    • Resource production
      • Iron Mines
      • Sawmills
      • Quarries

    The Outer Walls are where your Resource Production happens. Here your buildings will produce Iron, Stone and Wood. You will need Resources to build and upgrade your buildings and to produce troops.

    Inner Walls

    • Storehouses
    • Monster Barracks
    • Taverns
    • Trading Post
    • Guild Hall
    • Mana Refinery
    • Ballista
    • Residence
    • Hospital
    • Watchtower
    • Dungeon

    Your Inner Walls house the rest of your buildings and each building is important for different reasons.

    You will have a few quests to start with that will ask you to build certain buildings. This is a good starting point as the Quest Log will show you what to start with.

    Other buildings

    Dotted throughout your city are a number of buildings that are locked when you first start the game. These will unlock once certain requirements are met. Some buildings may have to be upgraded before the locked buildings can be unlocked. To check what requirements are needed to unlock the buildings, simply tap the building and then tap Unlock.


    You can unlock up to three Arks within your city. These Arks are your mobile offensive bases. They hold more of your units (more on them in a bit) and you can move them around the map to territory you control, so that you can attack objectives.

    To move an Ark around the map, tap a territory that you own and on the pop up tap Bases and Arks. You will be given a list of Arks you have and Bases. Highlight the Ark you wish to move and tap Deploy Ark. Your Ark will then begin preparing for travel before it moves off to its new destination.

    Note: When upgrading your Ark, it must be docked back at your City during the time it is upgrading. You must also have your Arks docked if you are Teleporting your City.

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    Apart from building your city, getting more monsters is another key to getting more Power.

    To get monsters, you need to draw cards from packs. You either need the corresponding gem or Gold to gain cards.


    • Crystal
    • Sapphire
    • Onyx
    • Diamond
    • Uncommon Tokens
    • Rare Tokens

    You can get these gems and tokens in several ways. You can earn them by attacking Monster Hordes on the Map, capturing land on the Map, Taking over Towers on the map and taking Ruins on the map. You can also earn them for ranking in Events and completing certain quests.

    The gems that you will come across most readily are Crystals. Your townsfolk will gather Crystals for you and you can collect these at Residences in your City. You can also find Crystals and other gems by attacking Monster Hordes and Ruins on the Map. You don’t need to be connected to the Territory that the Hordes and Ruins are on to attack them. You just need a Unit that’s strong enough to win.

    The Monsters are split into eight races. There are four lesser races and four greater races.

    Lesser Races

    Bug 0_1484583064491_races bugs 75.jpg Beast 0_1484583076507_races beasts 75.jpg Demihuman 0_1484583090513_races demihuman 75.jpg Undead 0_1484582813931_races undead 75.jpg

    Greater Races

    Cryptid 0_1484583179278_races cryptids 75.jpg Giant 0_1484583192693_races giants 75.jpg Demon 0_1484583204935_races demons 75.jpg Dragon 0_1484583218091_races dragons 75.jpg

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    You don’t just need monsters in your units. You also need Commanders to, you guessed it, command your troops.

    Head to the Commander’s Hall to view all the possible Commanders that you can hire. If you select a Commander, you’ll notice that each Commander has a cost, different Race Affinities, Formations and a unique Command skill.

    Commanders cost Commander Points, with Common Commanders costing fewer points and Rare Commanders costing more. To get more Commander Points, you can upgrade your Commander Hall and build and upgrade Taverns within your inner City.

    Different Commanders have different Race Affinities. The green up arrow lets you know they have a good rapport with that race and adds bonuses to the monster’s stats, but a red down arrow means that you will get a penalty to the stats of the monsters of that race under their command. If there is no arrow, then there will be no difference to the monster's stats.

    0_1484327535150_race affinity cut.png

    Example: You can see the Commander above has a good race affinity with the lesser monster races, but does not get on so well with the greater monster races.

    Each Commander has a unique Command skill. Some Commands will heal troops in certain sections of the formation, some might buff defense or attack for different rows.

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    Now you know about monsters and Commanders, it’s time to put them together and form a Unit.

    When placing your Commanders and monsters in a Unit, remember to consider the following things;

    • What race affinities the Commander has
    • The formation the Commander uses
    • What the Command Skill of the Commander does
    • Try to keep the same Monster Races together as they give each other a stat boost
    • The Range of the Monster when placing it in the formation

    Example: The Commander Smaroula, has the Command Mind Command, which greatly increases the Intelligence of friendly monster in the front-center position. She also has good Race Affinity with all of the basic races. The skills of the Undead race are usually based on Intelligence, so try placing Undead monsters in her unit, as they can get both the affinity bonus and benefit from her Command. The Skeleton Archer (UC) has a range of three, so could fare okay at the back of the formation. Its skill Quick Jammer adds a Speed debuff to one vertical row of enemies, which lasts for three turns. The debuff effect is dependent on Intelligence. The Ghost (C) has the skill Psychic Blast which not only buffs its Intelligence, but also strikes one enemy for moderate damage and the damage is highly dependent on Intelligence. So in the front center position, it’ll do the most damage, while the speed debuff from the Skeleton Archer (UC) will slow some of the enemy down.

    Leveling your units

    To level your monsters and Commanders, you will need to get them to attack and take over territory and map objectives. You can also send your troops to attack land you already own to raise their levels.

    If you send your units to take an objective or territory, but are not strong enough to win, it’s likely that you will lose troops in your defeat. Losing troops will also cause you to lose some of your Power.

    Advance your monsters

    It’s not just your monsters’ level that you can raise. Each Monster has a particular set of skills that you can also level. Common monsters have two skills that you can raise and monsters that are Uncommon and up have three skills.

    To start with, only the first skill will be unlocked. For all monsters, you will have to get this skill raised to level three to unlock the second slot. For Uncommon and above, you must raise the first skill to level seven to unlock the last skill.

    Leveling Skills

    To level a Monster's Skill, you need to Fuse monsters of the same name and rarity. To do this, go to your units section in game, click on one of the monsters stationed in your units. On the right hand side, you should see the skills the monster has, with three buttons at the bottom of each skill, Fuse, Acquire and Research.

    If you have another Monster of the same name and rarity, the Fuse button will be active. Click this to be taken to the Fusion page where you can drag and drop a Monster to be consumed.

    Note: The consumed Monster will be destroyed whether the Fusion was successful or not. You will receive Souls from the consumed Monster, which can be used in leveling your Alliance’s Monument and in Alliance Research

    Acquiring Skills

    The second skill slot on all your monsters will be empty to start with. You can add a skill to the slot via Acquiring a skill from another Monster. This Monster does not need to be the same race and rarity when Acquiring, but it does need to have the same skill type. Acquiring skills works much the same way as Fusing.

    Tip: You will be shown the monsters you can Acquire Skills from. Be sure to check what Stat each Skill uses so you can match the new Skill up with what the Monster already uses. For example, Undead monsters regularly have Skills that use Intelligence, so try Acquiring a Skill that also uses Intelligence.

    For further information, head to the thread All about: Leveling Monsters.

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    Gold and Silver

    You have two main types of currency in game: Gold and Silver. While you can purchase Gold with cash, you cannot use real money to purchase Silver.

    You can get both currencies in game by completing certain Map objectives and certain Quests.

    If you do not want to wait for items to upgrade or be built, you can use Gold instead to upgrade/build instantly.

    You can use either Gold or Silver to upgrade Skills when Fusing or Acquiring Skills.

    The Auction House uses Silver exclusively, for both buying and selling monsters.

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    Reign Points

    Your Reign is how much territory you can hold at once. Each section of Territory will cost different amounts of Reign depending on its level. For example, a level 1 Grassland should only cost you 1 Reign to hold, where as a level 12 Forest will cost you 2 Reign and a level 18 Volcano will cost you 3.

    You will also need Reign to take over Towers. A level 1 Tower will take 3 Reign, whereas a level 8 Tower can cost 6. So if you plan to take over any Towers, make sure you have Reign to spare.

    You might also want to keep a reserve of Reign for if your Castle gets attacked. You don’t want to watch your enemies come to attack, but not able to thwart their advances by blocking the way. This could spell your downfall.

    You can regain your Reign by releasing territory regularly. You’ll need to do this, not just for getting your Reign back, but because after awhile your presence will deplete the land of its resources. Releasing the land will gain you back the Reign it cost to hold it and it will let the land recover for later taking.

    You can get more Reign by leveling up your Conqueror, upgrading your Castle and Conqueror Shrine and by using your Conqueror points in the Alchemy and War Mastery trees.

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    Your overall Power is made up of your Conqueror Power and your Military Power.

    Your Conqueror Power is based on your city and includes the buildings and levels they are and your completed quests. Your Research is also part of your Conqueror Power, so remember to research all about the different monster races, Alchemy, War, and Arks.

    Your Military Power is broken down by the Territory you own on the Map and the strength of your monster armies.

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    Your Resources are primarily what you need to build many things in your city. From building and upgrading buildings, to research, to producing troops. So it’s a good idea to get your resource production going sooner rather than later.

    In the outer walls, you can build Sawmills for Wood, Quarries for Stone, and Iron Mines for Iron. These will continue to produce resources for you until your Storehouses in the inner walls become full.

    You also gain resources from any Territory that you own. Higher level Territory will get you more resources per hour. Keep an eye on those territories though; they can become depleted of resources after some time. You will have to release the territory and let it regenerate.

    Mana is the one resource that you cannot produce. At lower levels you will have to gain Mana by completing quests and by attacking Resource Shrines on the map, which will also net you the other resources as well as Mana. When your Castle is at a certain level, you will be able to build a Mana Refinery, where you can convert Wood, Stone and Iron into Mana. The higher the level the refinery, the better the conversion. You can also research Mana Conversion Efficiency to help conversion as well.

    Don’t forget, you can run Oversight on your resource buildings. This will produce more resources for a set period of time, with a cooldown before you can run it again. You can up the time and bonus through research at your Castle and VIP time.

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    You can craft equipment for your Conqueror to wear. Different equipment will give you different bonuses and will inspire your subjects and monsters in different ways.

    Before you can craft any equipment, you must first have the Mystic Shrine unlocked and you must have gathered Recipes and Materials. Remember to upgrade your Mystic Shrine to increase your crafting speed.

    Recipes and Materials

    You can collect Recipes from Monster Hordes and Materials from Ruins on the Map. Once you’ve collected them, you can see them in the Inventory of the Mystic Shrine.

    Before you start crafting, check to see how much of each Material you have. If you have 4 of one Material Quality, you can Fuse them together to create a better Quality of that particular Material. It works the same for the next Quality level as well. As long as you have 4 of the same type of Material of the same Quality level, you can fuse them all the way up to Quality 6. Higher Quality Materials can give you a better chance of crafting a higher Quality of Equipment.

    Once you have your Materials and Recipes, you can craft Equipment.

    You have five equipment slots: Head, Torso, Hands, Legs and Feet. Once you’ve selected where or what you want to craft, you can select a recipe. Recipes vary in level and in what bonuses they have. When crafting, the recipe should automatically select the highest quality of Materials that you have. You can select lower quality materials if you wish. You can also add already created Equipment to the recipe to act as a catalyst. Please note that any item used as a Catalyst will be destroyed in the crafting process.

    For more information about crafting, check out the All About: Crafting thread.

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    To succeed in the lands of Magna, you will need allies. Your allies will come in the form of your Alliance. The perks of joining an Alliance include;

    • An Alliance teleport, so you can teleport to be closer to your Alliance.
    • Help from fellow Alliance members to shorten construction and research timers.
    • Fight enemies, map and other players, together to earn rewards quicker.
    • Share and trade resources.
    • Exclusive unlocks, gain special roles within the Alliance to help your allies

    To ensure the success of your Alliance, you will have to help them as much as they help you.

    Alliance Monuments

    Your Alliance Monument shows the gods your worthiness. In turn, the imbue it with their power.

    Advancing your Monument gives your Alliance great benefits. Including increasing your Alliances size and giving you access to Alliance Research, which can open Ranked roles within the Alliance, making it harder to subjugate and making the Alliance stronger.

    To create the Monument, your Alliance must take an area of territory that is 3x3 in a square on the map. Your Alliance Leader can then start construction of the Monument.

    To level the Monument, you have to go through a number of stages.

    • You must donate Resources to build the Monument
    • You must offer Souls, gathered from sacrificing monsters
    • You must defeat the Monument Guardians
    • You must win Shards by defeating Raid bosses, Towers on the Map or by looting enemy Monuments

    Alliance Research

    Once your Alliance has begun to build its Monument, you open up your Alliance Research. This will help make your Alliance stronger and give you and your Alliance bonuses. Like your own research, you will have to unlock sections before you can go onto the next.

    To contribute to your Alliances research, you have to donate resources. How much depends on what you are researching, and higher level items may need more resources per contribution. Your contributions are tracked and you can see who has contributed the most to the Alliance research.

    Within Alliance Research, you can unlock Alliance Roles. This includes the Trader, Harvester and Alchemist roles. Assigning a member to one of these roles bestows bonuses to the whole Alliance.

    Your Generals are important to helping keep your Alliance free from subjugation. For the whole Alliance to become subjugated, the Alliance Lord and all the Generals must be conquered, so it’s a good idea to get your General research unlocked. If your whole Alliance is subjugated, you will need to free your Leader and all of your Generals to free the whole Alliance.

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    Subjugation happens when a player attacks another player's City. When the defender’s City’s Field HP is reduced to zero, the attacker who dealt the final blow becomes the master and the defender becomes their master’s vassal.

    Why you want to subjugate others

    When you subjugate someone and they become your Vassal, their Power is halved and added to your Alliance’s Dominion Power and you can then capture territory adjacent to the Vassal’s Territory.

    As well as the above, your Vassals will not be able to attack any of your Territory or be able to link Territory from their allies. You won’t be able to attack your Vassal, but you can station Reinforcements to deter other enemies.

    How to free yourself from subjugation and others

    While being subjugated has its downsides, this does not mean the end of the war. Once you have been subjugated, you will have a 24 hour countdown timer on your City where you cannot attack or be attacked . You can still send out units and build up your troops while subjugated, so spend this time getting your units ready for when that timer drops. Make sure to bring your Arks back to help.

    After 24 hours, your City may be contested by allies trying to free you, or by other enemies wishing to take your City and land for themselves.

    After 7 days, if your Alliance has not been able to free you, you can attempt to free yourself. You do this by sending troops to attack your own City, to remove the invading forces. You can use the units within your City and any Arks that you have. Once you get your City’s Field HP down to zero, you will be free from subjugation.

    If it was an Alliance wide Vassalage, which is when your Alliance Leader and all the Alliance Generals are all taken over by the same enemy Alliance, to get your Alliance free you must first free yourself. Then if you free your Alliance Leader and Generals in the same way, preferably with help from others in your Alliance, you can free the whole Alliance.

    How to Defend Yourself Against Subjugation

    There are a few tactics to help make it harder for others to subjugate you.

    First, be sure to set up Defense Bases around your City. They have high HP and if you surround your City with them, they will have to take out one of them first before they can attack your city directly. This also gives time for your Alliances to link from your land too!

    Build a Watchtower in your City. They let you know when an enemy is approaching and upgrading the Watchtower will give you the attack information sooner.

    Build Ballistae in your City. When you’re under attack, you can active each Ballista in your City for a set amount of time. Once activated, Ballistae will fire prior to the Startup phase of every battle that takes place in your City, inflicting a fixed amount of damage to every Monster in the attacking Unit. You can activate all of the Ballistae at the same time to maximize damage over a short period, or you can activate them at intervals so that you cause less damage over a longer period. Note that Ballistae have a 3 hour cooldown after their active period has ceased, it is therefore advisable to only activate your Ballistae when incoming attacks are imminent. Upgrading each Ballista will increase the damage they deal.

    You can Fortify your City for a short amount of time. During this time, your City, Bases, and Arks will not take Siege damage. At the same time, you are unable to send out any units or Arks. It takes three hours’ setup to Fortify your city, but you can set up a daily fortification. To set up a one off fortification or the daily, head to the Fortification Gate in your City. It’s in the wall that separates your outer resource production area from your inner wall buildings.

    Note: You can increase your Fortification time by increasing your VIP level.

    If you are away for a long time, you can set up a Shield to protect your City from subjugation. This has slightly different rules to that of Fortification. As with Fortification, it takes three hours to set up your Shield. Arks will be returned to your City once the Shield period starts. Note that Bases can be attacked and destroyed while in this mode. If you are an Alliance Lord or a General in your Alliance, you will not be able to use a Shield. You must assign the role to another within your Alliance.

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