Battle reports

  • Can you please separate offensive and defensive battle reports. I sometimes miss out when i was attacked because defensive reports are buried with my multiple offensive reports. Thanks.

    Also auction reports can you please make a special tab for it. Thanks.

  • Balls Of Odin

    Same for Alliance reports; separate defense reports so we know if someone who is not online for a while was attacked. Also, Have a separate tabs for vassal s that were released, or attacked by other Alliances. Right now, if you have hundreds of vassals, it's difficult to track which of your vassals were attacked, and who attacked them.

  • administrators

    Hi both!

    Thank you for the suggestions, I'll forward these to the team.

  • administrators

    Hi @Yen,

    If you go to your Reports -> Activity Log, you can select and deselect certain reports, including Auctions. Does that help? Or did you want a completely seperate Auction report section?

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