A few game suggestions

  • 1- When you change a character name, make sure that name follows everywhere ex: also when you level up your hero. sometimes the old name stays.

    2- Option to dismiss heroes and get a small refund.

    3- the tiles should always be connected with each other. when they are not, they should decrease the ressources that they provide (and others that are cut off). (you can then siege castles and make tactical decisions)

    4- More monsters cards and heroes

    5- Have siege heroes available to all races. Each race should have it's specialty but all should have the functions: Tank, attacker, Support, long range, siege... Right now, we all want dragons because they are better than all other races. End game should be balanced overall between the race. You could also have 1x final development of your choosing for one race. Ex: I want to boost the demihumans as my favorite race.

    6- Insects are not heroic! Replace them with The forces of good (swordsman, priest, wizards, cavaliers). It would be fun to have different themes or ideologies. Good / Neutral / Evil. All of them having restrictions to work together (except neutral).

    7- more monsters, areas of interest. Your maps are empty. Castles, Dungeons, wandering merchants Caverns, more monsters, Random events, travelling caravans that you can intercept. A bit more interactive gameplay. Hunts

    8- remove the ratchet sound in the city. It's driving us crazy! Change the main song once in a while. A little variety...

    9- Option to buy it now in the auction from the start.

    10- The possibility to sell more than 10 monsters at the auction. I have around 150!

    11- sacrificed monsters could be used to purchase stuff (maybe a guild store)

    12- choose your castle look (good, neutral, evil). Good could have farms, mills... Evil: skull piles you get the idea.

    13- Good job limiting teleportation! Nothing is worst when a high level castle appears next to your city, destroys your castle and leaves!

    14- a bit more stamina for the troops or faster recovery.

    15- Daily random events. Your castle needs maintenance, plague, migrants, visit of a seer, good harvest, troops have joined us... Let us make choices. Help the people or not with bonuses or not.

    Thank you for this good game!

    • Show all units on the map when they move, not just the time

    • Don't kill our troops when we want to exchange them between our own heroes (swap screen)

  • -Have a general GTM timer built in game to coordinate attacks

  • Balls Of Odin

    Some thoughts on on the above suggestions:
    1- Agree, please add their previous names in profile, as well as previous alliances joined, so we can filter them out.
    2-I'm not exactly sure what you mean here, but if you're referring to commanders, 100% of commander points are refunded when you dismiss one.
    3-I do not disagree with this, but having your resources reduced because a tile is not connected may negatively affect casual players, especially the non-VIPs.
    4-They've already announced that they will be rolling out more monsters and commanders in the future.
    5-Levan can be used with any race, while Christopher can be used with giants,cryptids, beasts, demis, and undeads, Each race has specialize monsters for each role; tank, damage dealer, long range (see range for each monster), just needs the right monster, skill combination, and commander. There is no best race, though Giants are really geared for siege, followed by Demis and Dragons. I've created my own spreadsheet, containing all details, to easily sort out which monsters and commanders are best at each role, The hardest part is actually the limited option with slots on heroes, but it's part of the tactical decision you have to make :).
    6-A bug user here :). To each his own. lol
    7-I agree on this; more areas of interest.
    8-No comment on this, I do not usually pay attention to background music. :D
    11-Sacrificed monsters are used as offerings for the monument. Please add an alliance store, where we can use our alliance loyalty points instead. This is to encourage donations from members.
    12-They will probably do this in the future, as most games I've played similar to this, have this feature.
    14-Some equipments add faster recovery, and research adds stamina.
    16-I'm not sure what you mean, but all moving units are shown in the deployment tab. Are you perhaps referring to unit animation (i.e. show them walking instead of just the commander image moving in a line)?
    17-No. Troop number is not reduced when you swap them. You are probably bringing them back to inventory, instead of swapping.
    18-I agree with an in-game time.

  • When watching battles, don't put the skulls to indicate the kills, it removes the fun of watching the battles and seing your troops in combat. Maybe a toggle in the game options.

  • Balls Of Odin

    Please change the "FEARSOME GUARDIAN." It's disappointing to see a mini floating skull, when you are expecting something FEARSOME coming out of the monument, from your hard-earned resources and sacrificed monsters. :D

  • 16- I meant that when you get attacked on the map, you only have a timer Ex: 2:00 minutes before an attack. It would be fun to see the card heroes move towards your castle.

  • Balls Of Odin

    @Emrick09 I see. Actually, all units attacking your castle, including the monsters and their troop numbers are shown (depending on level of your watchtower). You have to click something to view it (I forgot the button, coz I've only been attacked once).

  • Add a deploy button on the Ark, it'/s very fiddly as of now to deploy troops in the field until you find how. Very simple, click your ark choose your units and set target!

  • Have a bit more variety with monster level. I'm in a newbie spot and I have never seen a monster higher than level 3. Higher level monsters could be added. Same goes with resource caves. Thanks

  • administrators

    Hi @Emrick09 and @romuel816 !

    Thank you both for all of the feedback and suggestions! I will be going through them all and responding/sending them to the team.

    @Emrick09, the monster horde and resource shrine level goes up the closer to the middle of the map you go. You may have to send your Arks out that way or move your City. I hope that helps!

  • Moving a city is no simple task as I have a level 10 city. It must be connected with my tiles to teleport and the center is roughly 1 km away. 6-8 hour distance. Unless you permit that we may move on allied controlled territory. Or remove the alliance teleport restriction.

  • Or limit teleportation to a 10 square radius around the alliance leader.

  • Siege hero doesn't too much sense right now. 1x unit in front and 2x on the back when siege monsters have mostly a range of one. Maybe you guys have another plan?

  • Balls Of Odin

    @Emrick09 said:

    Or limit teleportation to a 10 square radius around the alliance leader.

    Imagine how cramped that would be if you all are limited to 10 sq radius around me :D. The current teleportation mechanics are perfectly fine, to avoid abuse during wars.

  • Balls Of Odin

    @Emrick09 said:

    Siege hero doesn't too much sense right now. 1x unit in front and 2x on the back when siege monsters have mostly a range of one. Maybe you guys have another plan?

    Siege damage is not affected by range. Your only problem would be levelling those units, which is easy to do by swapping commanders :). Wish they are all in front though, to efficiently use Ettin's cross skill, but we have to deal with it :).

  • seeing units actually moving and marching sounds cool, imagine seeing them on the map "where is this group going" oh anothër group" haha.., but i reckon it will lag the game

  • Small bug found when a unit is returning home from an attack, it shows a gold cost of 5 to return the unit faster. I "paid" 5 gold but actually, I was charged 754 gold! Please display the right gold cost.

    Also, it would be nice, when browsing the auction store, that we could have the number of cards that we have. Ex: that orc looks like a good deal. Do I have one? Yes, I have tow in my inventory already (shown somewhere).

  • administrators

    Hi @Emrick09 !

    For any bugs that you find, can you send in a report to our Customer Support team please? You can either do it via in game by going to More -> Contact Support. Or you can do it via this page here. Many thanks!

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