Monster of the Week: Borogove (UC)

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    Welcome to this week’s Monster of the Week, the Borogove (UC)!

    0_1481897694883_Twitter - borogove.jpg

    They may have been called mimsy in the past, however the Borogoves of Magna are anything but flimsy and miserable. Their Active Skill Aiming Shot can strike an enemy from anywhere in the formation without incurring a Range penalty, hitting them with damage based on the Borogove’s Attack stat. Once you unlock their Skill Speed Focus, they can apply a major Speed buff to themselves that will last for two turns.

    Starting Stats

    Attack - 28
    Defense - 22
    Intelligence - 17
    Speed - 43
    Range - 1
    Siege - 8

    0_1481897766354_Borogove 2.png

    Want to see your favourite monster up here? Let us know which monster you want to see on Monster of the Week by leaving their name in the thread below.

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