Skirmish event

  • Can you explain how this works? I attacked an ark i lost but killed some monsters. It didnt add to my points. I attacked again and i won the first wave but lost the second wave and still no points added. How do i get points for skirmish events?

  • administrators

    Hi @Yen,

    To gain points in the Skirmish Event, you have to attack other players (either Cities or Arks). You get a point for every enemy monster you defeat. However if that person has previously been attacked and they’ve not replenished their troops, then you won’t get any points after attacking.

    If you think you’ve been attacking enemies that should have troops and should be getting points for, then please send us a Customer Support ticket, including the players you attacked and roughly what time (with the time zone you are in) in the report, so that we can investigate further.

  • Ok i will send a report.

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