Monster of the Week: Indrik (SR)

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    Welcome to this week's Monster of the Week; Indrik (SR)!

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    The Indrik is said to be so large, that the land around it shakes as it walks. Your enemies should cower in fear as this Monster rushes towards them. Its Native Ability adds a Speed buff that lasts till the end of that battle. The higher the Monster's Intelligence, the better the buff.

    Its third skill is Dual Rush and when it is performed, it will strike one horizontal row of enemies for heavy piercing damage twice. This makes it a great attack against enemies using a Barrier, as the first strike will hit the barrier, causing it to fall and then allowing the enemy to be hit by the second strike. This ability comes with a penalty. Due to how hard they attack, they stun themselves. It lasts only a turn though, and they will be ready to fight after the effect wears off.

    Do you have an Indrik leading the charge in your unit?

    Starting Stats

    Attack - 38
    Defense - 45
    Intelligence – 37
    Speed - 53
    Range - 2
    Siege - 23


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  • Gold Hell Knight.
    I want to know the lore behind it.

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    Hi @The-terrible!

    I thought I'd let you know that the Gold Hell Knight is on the list and I'll get to it as soon as possible. Thanks!

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