Alliance Research Ranking Time

  • Balls Of Odin

    Hello. What time (and timezone) does daily and weekly Alliance Research Ranking resets? Thanks in advance!

  • administrators

    Hi @romuel816,

    The timers are rolling, so when you see the timer in the corner of the Contribution Ranking page update, that’s when it updates the numbers. The timers look back at the contributions in the last 24 hours for the daily and 7 days for the weekly contributions when it does. I hope that helps!

  • Balls Of Odin

    @Faya. Unfortunately, that was not the information I was looking for. The timer only shows the score update time (which is every 3 hours), and not the reset time. I am thinking of an alliance event, and was planning to give a reward based on the daily score (24hr span). I guess we will stick with the local timezone as reference. Thanks a lot, Faya :)

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