Giant mantis 2nd skill.

  • What do you think is the best 2nd skill for giant mantis? I really have no clue what to put in there

  • Balls Of Odin

    Dash Attack, Root Gnawing, or Quick surge? Depends on what other bugs you have in the same unit. I mainly use defense bugs though, so maybe others can give you a better advice.

  • Can you pls tell me where i can get root gnawing and what does it do? The other skills are hard to get because they are from rare or super rare.

  • Balls Of Odin

    It applies a perma defense debuff, based on your monster's attack. Unfortunately, it's Nidhogg's ability. There are better monsters to use this ability, other than mantis. I was just listing all your options for mantis, in case you really want to use it.

  • The best skill for mantis (if you are really into it) is Dash Attack from gudalim, now you have a vertical-horizontal sweeper mantis! sweet! dont worry about its third skill, bugs are not intelligent so the def debuff is minimal. And mantis is built for offense so you might want to put all stats in attack

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