Siege bases on ruins

  • Can you use siege bases on ruins?

  • administrators

    Hi @Yen!

    If you have a Siege Base in range of a Ruin, then it will add siege damage to your attacks. If there are more than one Siege Base in range, more damage will be added.

    To see if a Ruin is in range, tap the Siege Base. You should see a square of light around the Siege Base denoting its range.

    You can check the damage added by your Siege bases in an attack by going to Reports and checking the Details of the battle by the Siege Base. Once you've tapped Details, tap Logs and then head to the bottom of the report. Under where it says "Enemy defeated", you should be able to see any damage the Siege Base did.

    I hope that helps!

  • Thank you. If my unit has 1 range and i put it at the back row does its siege damaged halved?

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