Monster of the Week: Hive Queen Bee (SR)

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    Welcome to the Monster of the Week; Hive Queen Bee!

    This impressive Bug will lead the fellow Bugs and Bees in your Unit to victory, she is the Hive Queen after all.

    Her unique Active skill Hive Ruler will buff the attacks of all friendly monsters and will buff the speed of all friendly Bee type monsters. This power is tempered by the Defense Debuff effect she applies to herself, but that won't matter if she's protected by Fast Barriers. Great for hitting your foes hard and fast.

    You know the (UC) Ice Dragon? You know how powerful its skill Fast Barriers is? Well, the Hive Queen Bee not only has the skill, but itโ€™s now acquirable for other monsters that use a Start-up Slot.

    Have you caught the Hive Queen Bee?

    Starting Stats

    Attack - 28
    Defense - 35
    Intelligence - 33
    Speed - 24
    Range- 3
    Siege - 8

    0_1480410749838_Hive-Queen-Bee 2.png

    Want to see your favourite monster up here? Let us know which Monster you want to see on Monster of the Week by leaving their name in the thread below.

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