Game Update 0.8.3 - Patch Notes and Known Issues

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    Greetings Conquerors!

    Below are the patch notes for the Game Update 0.8.3.

    Major Feature Change

    • The player trading system has had an overhaul to help with game balance

    Other Changes

    • New players will experience a streamlined game tutorial
    • Improved subjugation messaging
    • Higher level Towers had their hit points re-balanced to give the Giants a better challenge!
    • Monsters rejoice as their souls have been given extra purpose in the Alliance Research
    • Commander Linus has gone on a sabbatical and Damaris has taken his place

    Lots of bug fixes and improvements

    There are currently no known issues for this build. I’ll update this page if this changes.

  • I am not gaining the supposed amount of resources. Last night i only gain around 100k in 5hrs while i should have 55k x 5hours.

  • Just today, I attacked a players ark and ithe skirmish event points is not increasing. I already killed like 40,000 of his troops. Just please check my attack logs. Thank you

  • I m not getting any wood stone ore iron. I'm supposed to get like 25 in one hour but in 8 hours of sleep I didn't get anything. Please fix it

  • administrators

    Hi all,

    Please remember to report any possible bugs and issues via Customer Support. You can contact Customer Support either in game by going to More > Contact Support or you can contact them here. Please make sure to include as much detail as possible when reporting issues.

    In regards to the Skirmish event, you will only get points if the player you are attacking has troops in their City or Ark. If a player has been attacked previously and they have not come back online to replenish their troops, you will not get any points as they will not have any troops. Their Cities and Arks might still have HP, but that does not count towards the event points.

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