silver hell knight and noble vampire

  • What stat point should I add when they lvl up? Their skills needs int but im not sure int helps in battle. Im new to this game.

  • for hell knight go full int, hes a good buffer and debuffer, dont worry about attack his attack is already high, and it also increases per level. I say you got the jackpot on this one, sell some at auction if u got extra. I dont use noble vampire much, i find slaugh better because it has int cross,

  • Have you tried using orc mage? Is that strong? Should i put int on him or str?

  • For mages and undead go pure int, if you ask me, there is no point in putting stat in attack or def because its still low even at high levels, they are best utilized with int stat., especially at skill.level 9-10 where they become spammers

  • Thank you. I have spent around 17 points to str on my noble vampire. Should i start with a new noble vampire.

  • no need, save your gold for something else, besides its easier to level up another noble vampire from scratch., also undead units will be outclassed by its second tier class, "the demons" which has higher base stats.

  • I kinda messed up on my hell knight. I added 20 str and 3 def. Lol thinking it was a knight. Should i sell it?

  • if its the only sikver hell knight you have then dont sell it , just reset. Its one of the best rare cards in game, The Best!Cough.. cough.... energy drain...ehem... and you dont know when you can get it again if you are a non spender.
    But if youre the type who spends or you are not a demon user, then sell it. Youd be suprised how far people will go just to have it. try putting it at 15k.., people will buy it for 25-30k

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