Barrier Guard Bug

  • Hi, Faya. Barrier and guard skills seem to not affect monsters which also has a barrier or guard skill in its skill slot. For example, if a crawler casts a scutum to an armored ant with aegis, or a unicorn with mirage, the scutum will be casted, but will not work. The same is true for non-native skills. If an Ettin casts a non-native aegis to a Guralim with non-native aegis, it will also fail. I'm not sure if this is a bug, or the designers forgot to include this in the descrition of skills.

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    Hi @romuel816

    Something sounds not quite right there and we’d like to get this investigated further. Could you send in a report to Customer Support with the following things please? Could you send me your Unit set-up and some screenshots of the Logs of the Battle Report that has the Monsters in question in please?

    To get to the Battle Logs, go to Reports and tap Details of a battle that contains the Monsters concerned.
    In the Battle Reports screen, tap Logs in the top right corner.
    Then you should be able to see all of the turns of the battle. These are the screens the team would like to see.

    To send us a Customer Support ticket, you can either do this in game by going to the "More" in the bottom right hand screen. The "More Options" screen should pop up and the "Customer Support" button can be found at the bottom of this screen. Or you can also send in a ticket here. Thank you!

  • I'm not sure what image size is supported here. Hopefully, this will work.

    alt text

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    Hi @romuel816

    Thank you for posting. I’ve had one of the team check out the images and looking at them it seems that the skills are working correctly, however there is a bug with the Guard effect icon not being shown when you watch the battle.

    To explain a little further with the skills, at the end of Crawler’s turn, the Guard applied by Aegis in step 1 expires. This is because its 1 turn duration has elapsed – effect duration counts the complete turns of the monster hosting the effect.

    When effects state they last for a number of “turns”, they will be removed when the monster the effect is applied to has taken that many complete turns of its own. This means that the best way to take advantage of beneficial effects with a 1 turn duration is to have the monsters that apply them have high Speed (so they are likely to act before the enemy), and the monsters that need to take advantage of them have low Speed (so they likely still have those effects when an enemy monster takes its turn).

    I hope that makes sense?

  • Yes, it's clear now. I had to find a medium speed npc monster to confirm this. One that is slower than the caster of guard, but faster than the host of guard. Only the icon is bugged. Thanks again, Faya. 😉

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