Monster of the Week: Crawler (UC)

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    Welcome to this week’s Monster of the Week, the Crawler (UC)!

    Crawlers are a huge and grub like Bug that will help with your Units defences. Their Active starting skill Scutum adds a Guard effect to other Monsters on your team that are horizontally and vertically adjacent to the Crawler. Its third skill Passively increases the Crawlers Defense with a Defense Aura, which helps its Scutum skill as its Guard effect is based on Defense.

    As its first skill is based on Defense and a Crawlers third skill is based on Intelligence, a skill that increases either of these would be one way to increase their defensive capabilities.

    Do you have a Crawler in your line up?

    Starting Stats

    Attack - 20
    Defense - 35
    Intelligence - 30
    Speed - 26
    Range - 1
    Siege - 5


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