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    Collect Recipes and Materials out on the battlefield and craft powerful equipment that can help you rule over and inspire your subjects and monsters.

    You can craft equipment for your Conqueror’s Head, Torso, Legs, Feet and an item for their Hands. Each item giving you a range of benefits that will offer something for whatever aspect of the game you specialize in.

    To see what you have equipped and to view the details of what your Equipment does, tap the image of your Conqueror in the top left corner of the City or Map screens. If you don’t have any equipment yet, then it’s time to do some crafting. To craft an item, you will need Recipes and Materials.


    You can find Recipe Chests when defeating Monster Hordes on the Map. The higher the Monster Horde level, the better the chance of a higher level Recipe. You can find higher level Monster Hordes towards the centre of the map.

    On opening a Recipe Chest, you will get a random Recipe. Each Recipe will be for a certain equipment slot, and have a level, bonuses and a different set of required Materials. You can check what Materials you need and what the bonuses are by heading to the Mystic Shrine in your City and tapping Inventory, then Recipes and then selecting an item. If you wish to craft the recipe and have the required materials, tap Crafting to go to Crafting section. If you wish to discard the recipe from your inventory, select Discard.

    0_1479485676546_recipe 2.png


    You can find the Materials for the Recipes by clearing Ruins on the Map. The higher the Ruins, the bigger the Material Chest. Certain Materials can only be found in bigger Material Chests. You can also purchase Material Chests in the Store. The Material Chests in the store have a single random material in them, but with the chance of getting a higher quality Material depending on the chest.

    To find higher level Ruins on the map, you must research Ruin Scouting and Advanced Ruin Scouting in the Engineering section of your Cities Research.

    0_1479485695823_mats 2.jpg

    Making Better Materials

    The materials you gather will be of Quality 1. If you get four of the same Materials of the same quality, you can Fuse them together to create a single material of 1 level higher quality. To Fuse your Materials, head again to the Mystic Shrine in your City. Tap Inventory and then Materials to see what you have. If you have four of any Material of the same Quality, tap that item and a new Fuse window will appear. Tap the Fuse button to create one higher Quality material. You can Fuse Materials up to Quality 6.

    0_1479479617365_bone fuse.png


    To craft an item and check on your crafting Recipes and Materials, head to the Mystic Shrine in your City.

    At the Mystic Shrine, you can select Details, Upgrade, Crafting or Inventory.

    0_1479479642395_mystic shrine.jpg


    Details lets you know what the Mystic Shrine is and what it can do. It also lets you know how much power and crafting speed increase you get with each level.


    This allows you to upgrade the Mystic Shrine. The higher the level of the Shrine, the more power you have and the quicker your crafting speed is. You can currently level the Mystic Shrine to Level 25.


    This is where you can craft equipment. Tap an Equipment Slot to create equipment for that slot. If you do not have a recipe for a particular slot, it will be grayed out.

    On the next screen, you can scroll up and down on the left hand side to select a recipe. Here you will also be able to see any requirements, its level and the bonuses you can receive. When you’ve selected the Recipe, you will be shown the Materials that are being used and you’ll have the chance to add an existing piece of equipment as a catalyst.

    You have a chance of creating three different levels of equipment quality. You can increase the chance of higher quality equipment by using higher quality Materials and higher quality equipment as a catalyst. Please note that crafting will destroy all Materials and equipment used as a catalyst. You can choose either an Instant Craft to create the item immediately, which will cost you Gold, or you can choose Begin Craft, which will take time, but not cost you any Gold.

    0_1479485723778_crafting 2.jpg

    Equipping Items

    To equip items that you have crafted, head to your profile by tapping the image of your avatar in the top left corner while in the City or Map screens. Once in your profile screen, on the right hand side, you can see what items you have equipped. Tapping View Details will allow you to see the effects the currently equipped items are providing. You can also go to the Crafting screen from here as well.

    Selecting the different equipment slots will show you what items you have crafted, what you have equipped and will let you compare your equipped items to other items that you have.

  • Balls Of Odin

    Where do we find the mushroom looking material? The figure for small material chest level 2 indicates it should be there, but i've opened bundreds of these, and have not found this material. Is it in the ascencion tower chests? Thanks in advance.

  • administrators

    Hi @romuel816! The mushroom looking material is Fly Agaric. You should be able to find them in chests from Ruins level 7 and up.

    I'll have a talk with the artists about the material images currently used around the different level chests. They might be a little confusing if the materials shown can't be found in there.

  • Balls Of Odin

    @Faya, I've been opening level 7s and 8s ruins for 6 days now, and i'm not getting any fly agaric. Is the drop rate suppose to be this low? I have a guildmate who is also complaining that he's not getting any brimstone for a week now. :(

  • Balls Of Odin

    (update). I've just got my first fly agaric and brimstone, after 6 days. lol. 😂

  • administrators

    Hi @romuel816! Oh dear, sounds like you and you're Alliance-mate have been a little unlucky getting those particular materials. I've double checked with the team and it doesn't look like there are any issues with the drop rates, but we'll keep an eye on them all the same. Good luck with those ruins!

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