Its not fun anymore like it used to be

  • I dont know, it was fun before the patch. Here are the things that took out the fun:

    *Recent events were absurd and impossible. There was so much frustration from the players. Our guildmate who is a cash player complained how he had a series of failed skill trasfers eight times, even when always spending gold. I too experienced this, l mean its 70%. Even if its not a hundred how can it fail most of the time than succeed. On the other hand F2p players cant do anything as they sadly stare and contemplate their inability to fully participate. Theres is not enough silver. Even if one has accumulated something like 30k silver it disappears so fast given expensive price of skill transfer not to mention the failure rates. And we cant even use silver again if we fail. And just we thought it cant get any absurd than that. Here comes a pvp event. There is barely enough players now and they are just starting to learn the game. A pvp event this early is unwelcomed. Heck there are even more inactive players and ghost beginner castles that you cant even attack. And i can see players making dummy accounts to gain points. The events prizes are also not worth the trouble and sacrifice, no consolation, no top ten but only top 3 , and even top 3 itself have prices that are so "meh". Stamina also takes too loooooong to fully recover... tooooooo loooooooong.

    I wonder who gets excited now when a notification pops up. Before, when i see a notification, i open the game like an crazy puppy, now im like "meh" what to i do with 6k resources- what the hell do i do with 10 gold? and it doesnt even give silver

    Well i understand the gold part. what i dont understand is how scarce and how low we are getting silver to use for fusion., and why cant we just sell our extra monsters to gain silver . The game mechanics are good, but we are squeezed like a pinch of sand that its no fun anymore. My guild mates are already leaving. While i have faith to wait for something good to happen, i doubt im going to last any longer.

  • administrators

    Hi @DeuExMachina,

    Thank you for your post and your feedback.

    As the game has only just been released it does mean that we have been adjusting some of the drop rates and your feedback during this time is invaluable to us. I do encourage all of our community to give feedback, so please do let your Alliance and other players in game know that we are listening and for them to come and share their thoughts too. I do a weekly report to the team and all your feedback will be included.

    I will ask the team to check on the fusion chances and I will relay your feedback about the events to the team as well.

    We do have more features being worked on as we speak. I’ll give more information about them when I can.

    Again, thank you for taking the time to give me your feedback.

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