Game Update 0.8.1 - Patch Notes and Known Issues

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    Greetings Conquerors!

    Below are the patch notes for the Game Update 0.8.1.

    • New Store layout
    • New Monster Skills layout
    • General bug fixing and performance improvements
    • The Alliance Aide role has been removed

    There are currently no known issues for this build. I’ll update this page if this changes.

    [Edit: Faya 09:40 GMT] - Added Aide role note

  • Hi i would like to request the monsters i have pulled outwithin the day i am positive i have pulled out an sr wolfie, Gytrash, coz when u pull out an sr u have that black smoke or blue coming out of the dard, its not in my deck. I have not sacrificed nor fused any monster

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    Hi @megumi023,

    I'm sorry to hear you may have experianced an issue. Can you send us a report via a Customer Support ticket so that we can investigate this further please? You can either do this in game by going to the "More" in the bottom right hand screen. The "More Options" screen should pop up and the "Customer Support" button can be found at the bottom of this screen. Or you can also send in a ticket here.

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